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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Obama Creates a Defined Protected Class in the Military and then Exploits them for Political gain

Obama contemplating world domination.
Isn't fraternization of this type against
 military regulations regardless of gender?

Obama doesn't support gay military personnel anymore than he supports heterosexual military personnel.  Obama and  organizations purporting to represent them are simply exploiting naive young men and women in the military who have, in some cases, let their private personal lifestyle preferences define who they are.  What is especially misleading is the implied size this group defined as "gay" within the military. The president, government controlled media and the groups purporting to represent these individuals would have us believe the population is in the 10's of thousands.   I was not a gay, hetero, bi, white or Scots Anglo Saxon sailor.  I was an American Sailor.   I don't believe very many people will buy into Obama's blatant pandering but rather will see it for what it is and be disgusted by it as I am.  What is so insidious about this ploy is that Obama first creates this protected class. Here.  He then exploits it for his own political purposes.

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