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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Useful Idiots For Aljazeera

I recently had occasion to visit Aljazeera and while I didn't expect to find the Wall Street Journal or even USA Today I could only shake my head in dismay to see the Opinion Pieces written by erstwhile Americans or should I say, AINO's  American's In Name Only.  Honestly I don't even know if they would admit they are Americans.

Here are some of the contributions to Aljazeera's Opinon Section 

1. Is The New Israel Lobby Bad For Jews?  This piece by MJ Rosenberg is a little hard to stomach.  I caution you to sit down when you read it.  It is just terrible.  This man gives a whole new depth and meaning to the phrase, "Self Hating Jew".  Just amazing that someone could sink to this depth.  But then again, Mr. Rosenberg is with and funded by Media Matters.

2.  Personal Ties That Bind  Is a fluff piece by Christopher Hill in which he pats Obama on the back  for not destroying our relationship with South Korea.  I guess the idea is to give Obama lavish credit for continuing the relationship with South Korean nurtured and further developed under President Bush and now, "Sustained" under Obama.  But then Hill "jumps the shark" when he gives Vice President Biden a naked love hug with this sentence, "Vice President Joseph Biden was able to make an enormous contribution, owing to his six visits to the country during the preceding year."  Oh really?  And what would those contributions be?  Hill doesn't tell us.

3.  Romney's Indiscreet Advisor  by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, with some radical left group called Pulse Media This is a hit piece on Mr. Walid Phares nominated by Romney to chair the Middle East and North Africa working group of his Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team.  Mr Muhammad actually gives a fairly accurate description of Mr Phares world views and warnings against Radical Islam however he makes painfully clear he doesn't agree with Mr Phares positions and warn's he must be watched.   He end's his piece with this paragraph:

"If the new millennium was inaugurated in the twin terrors of 9/11 and shock-and-awe, its second decade has yielded to the bracing winds of the Arab spring. From Cairo to Sanaa, the Arab masses are asserting their preferences, and their interests are not likely to always align with those of the US. This is a fact Washington has yet to acknowledge. The times demand nuance and humility, yet a contender for America's top job appears determined to bait armageddon. He has turned to a radical with apocalyptic visions for advice on the world's most volatile region - this at a time of unprecedented turmoil. As the Massachusetts governor surges forth with more than a long-shot at the presidency, it is vital that we paid attention."    

Actually I like Mr. Ahamd's writing style and he obviously did his homework on Mr Phares.  Mr. Ahmad is articulate and his article was, over all, an interesting read.  It's always interesting to find out what the bad guys really think.  It's clear Mr Ahmad fears a Romney Presidency with Mr. Phares as an adviser.  (Just a side note:  Mr Ahmad's Pulse Media is also concerned  about the Koch Brothers?)

4.  The Solutions Generation  
This is a Global Warming/Sustainability Anti-Capitalism piece all rolled in one.  In which the author, Professor Robert Costanza, a professor of Sustainability, no less and also the Director for the Institute For Sustainable Solutions (ISS) at Portland State University anoints the next generation the, "Solutions Generation"  Isn't that cute.  I wonder if it will take off?  Generation S.    This guys credentials got me to wondering, just when did the lexicon "Sustainability" hit the big times?  I don't think it was until around the late 1980's.   Essentially, Sustainability is an offshoot of the environmental global warming movement but it is much more ambitious and sucks everything in the world into the path of is microscope/computer modeling.  In 2008 these guys were funded by a 25 million dollar grant from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.  They were given 10 years to burn up the 25 million.  I'm sure they are doing a bang up job of things. Maybe it’s a silly question but how in God's name did we sustain ourselves, our cultures, our civilizations, before the advent of "Sustainability"  I think it's truly a miracle we made it this far.  I for one rest better knowing Professor Robert Costanza is at the helm watching out for our best interests and teaching the youth of America, the “Generation S ers” how to sustain themselves.  I think these people actually take themselves seriously.  But then for a 10 year contract, a cool 25 million and tenure, I suppose for some people with no moral rudder this kind of work would be appealing.   One can actually get a "Graduate Certificates in Sustainability".  I wonder what that experience is like.  I bet I could get a good government job with a degree like that or maybe I high level corporate position working for Jeff Imelt at GE.  I bet GE has to have an office of sustainability.  I say, what a capital idea!  Let's make that a requirement for all future government contracts.  What do you want to bet they already have.  Professor Constanza has an impressive resume or CV as the academe's like to say.  But he's never had a real job in his whole life.  He's was born and raised in school and has spent his whole life at Universities. When you read the introduction page to what the whole field of study at Portland is all about you've got to wonder if there are any adults in charge at the University that read and approve this horse shit.  Listen, "Portland State University seeks to become a powerful catalyst, model, and engine of positive and lasting change."   What pablum!  What does that mean?  What change?  Would that be "Hope and Change"?  How can change be "lasting"?  You want what ever change you are a catalyst for to never end?    "We strive to serve as a leading academic laboratory for designing sustainable solutions to the complex, interconnected problems now facing us."  What problems might those be professor?  You care to elaborate?  Or is it better to leave it at the, "larger temporal and spatial scales, from small watershed to the global system.  ...Including landscape-level spatial simulation modeling, analysis of energy and material flows through economic and ecological systems; valuation of ecosystems services, biodiversity, carrying capacity, and natural capital; and analysis and correction of dysfunctional incentive systems."  Yes it's probably better to leave it at that level.  Right professor?  That way it will be pretty hard to validate your data.  By the way how much fidelity are there in your models?  You didn't by any chance borrow those models from East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit did you professor?

"Why do Radical Muslims, Aljazeera and all "developing" and "emerging" nations  embrace, the Anthropogenic Global Warming Myth, Sustainability and all the other disciplines the Professor wants to put his hands around?   All of these pursuits are just a means to an end.  That end being the destruction of Israel and The United States of America.  Professor Costanza needs to ask himself why he has spent his life attacking and biting that hand that feeds him.  His endeavors are especially criminal in that  Mr. Lewis and Mr Clark a long time ago, germinated the funds used for this activity.  They must be turning over in their graves.  The bottom line.  James F. and Marion L. Miller have been cheated.  Fleeced of their hard earned money.

5.  The Homeless Are Thrown Out With The Trash  We are next treated to a tearful piece by none other than Barbara Ehrenreich a self described "American" feminist and author.  Barbara is also the author of "Nickeled and Dimed: On not getting by in America." which is a variation on the Black Like Me book.  In fact she could have titled it, "Poor like me".  Unfortunately, her book has become required reading for many young students.  Ms. Ehrenreich has become a kind of a "cult" hero to the liberal minions for getting "down and dirty" with the working class of Americans.  Something all liberals are loath to do.  Reading Ms. Ehrenreich books one leaves with no mistaken impression that she, can't wait to escape this working class environment herself and return to her upscale government subsidized academic lifestyle.  Throughout the book Mr Ehrenreich takes great care to keep us aware that she's not really one of "them".

This  Aljazerra piece, "The Homeless Are Thrown Out With the Trash"  tries to excuse the behavior and explain the images we've all seen of public defecation at Occupy Wallstreet.  (It's curious to me, the Tea Party protesters didn't seem to have any problem going to the bathroom during their protests.) 

Barbara also uses this opportunity to lament the lack of public facilities, in general in the United States and links to a 1997 article by travel writer Author Frommer on the lack of toilets in America.
But the main focus of her concern are the "Homeless" in America.  This is the first Homeless piece I've seen since Obama took over the White House.  I thought once President Bush left office and the democrats took over the Homeless problems had gone away.  But now I see they are still there, as terrible as they were before but apparently we only get to hear about them when they can be linked to greedy capitalists. 

For good measure we're treated to an unsubstantiated story about a pregnant homeless woman who eventually gives birth to a still born  child because she is refused public or private assistance. Barbara closes her article blaming the "plutocracy"  which, for sure
Aljazeera's editorial board and the majority of its readers understands as the Jews.  

6.  Immunity and Impunity in elite America  Glen Greenwald is an attorney, writer of Salon and author of two highly biased and inaccurate attack books on President Bush's foreign policy.  Immunity and Impunity in elite America is just another ad hominem attack on President Bush, capitalism, and the American judicial system.  In this piece Greenwald also eats his own when he attacks, Larry Ellison.  These people are relentless in their attacks on anything American. But I see they still enjoy living off the flesh of the beast.  I don't notice Mr Greenwald in a hurry to move to let say,  China, or Russia, or Egypt for that matter to take advantage of the wonderful judicial systems in those countries.  In this article Mr. Greenwald also props up the Occuppy Wall Street folks saynig the protest are a natural outcome of the economic inequalities in America.  

7.  Occupy Protest: Not Tahrir Yet by Mark Levine,  Professor of History at UC Irvine.    Mr. Levine, is on the staff of Aljazrra.
He is extremely, hard left, anti Jewish, anti capitalist, pro Hamas
radical.  You can listen to him yourself over here at American Power Blog.  Levine is a real piece of work.  It's frightening that someone like him is teaching at UC Irvine at tax payers expense.

All these writers are reading off the same sheet of music!  It's like a symphony,  an endlessly modulated theme and variation of nonsense.   The endgame, no matter what the crisis, is redistribution of wealth, more government control and less individual freedom.  These people are relentless and prolific writers to boot.  It would take an Army of me to keep track of them and all the filth and vitriolic hate and anger they spew on a daily basis.   This is just from one week of Aljazrra!  I shudder to think what a years worth of their editorials would sound like.  Does it never occur to them they are being used?  Maybe in a little corner of their minds do they have any doubts about publishing in Aljazrra like, "Maybe I shouldn't do this.  I don't think so.  I think the relish the attention and notoriety.

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