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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama vs Bush Debt Accumulation or Pie Charts and My Charts

There are a few new pie charts making the rounds on main stream media and I thought I'd weigh in on the subject.  Here is the first chart:

Pretty sobering figures hey?  Makes you cringe to be a Republican doesn't it?  That's exactly what the left is hoping.  A liberal friend sent this to me and I suppose he was smiling in glee as he fired off this data factoid.  

While the figures in this chart are fairly accurate what is important to remember is that Bush racked up $4.9 Trillion of debt in 96 months where as in only 31 months Barack Obama, according to the Treasury, has added $4 trillion to its national debt.  Look at it this way, with only one-third of the time Bush spent running the nation, Obama has presided over nearly the same sum in debt acquisition. Since Obama has only been in office a relatively short period of time I think it’s more illustrative to take a look at his performance vs Bush's on a month by month basis.  Bush added a monumental $51 billion per month to the nation’s debt during his presidency. But, Obama, with only 31 months in the White House, has presided over an average monthly rate of $129 billion (or 152 percent more than Bush’s debt acquisition).
This issue will definitely be a major issue in the 2012 campaign and the primaries that precede it as well as the so called “bi-partisan” debt negotiations.  However, I don’t think any Republican should respond to the left’s attempt to have them defend Bush’s debt acquisition.  I certainly wouldn’t defend it. There are no true smaller government, fiscal conservatives that were happy with Bush’s penchant to spend money we didn’t have.  This is the very reason we have the advent of the Tea Party.  

Now what is more important to keep in mind is not what Obama or Bush has spent but what Obama intends to spend going forward.

"Water over the damn",  "Don't cry over split milk"  These are both important admonitions when considering who to vote for in the next election.  It's not what Obama has spent but what he intends to spend that will completely destroy our country.  Take a look at the next few charts provided by the Heritage Foundation 

These charts tell the whole story and present the real danger our country is facing.  It's not who did what to whom.  It's who's going to do what to you.  Regardless if your on the left or the right I think everyone can agree this country cannot continue to spend money at these levels.  At least a Bill Clinton knew when to stop and wind down the spending.  This president is incredibly doubling down and spending twice as fast.  He must be voted out of office.


Anonymous said...

Take away the Bush tax cuts for the very rich and the two decade long wars and the picture of the debt changes very quickly. You want to see the debt skyrocket beyond control, then you go ahead and elect a man who is only looking out for the 1%. I bet even this blogger is not in the 1% (roughly $365K per year, what Romney makes in a week...while paying only 15%, which I will bet is much less than the rate paid by the author of this blog). You are right about it not being about Republicans and Democrats, it is about the corporate takeover of our democracy ala Citizens United. If you decide to go out and elect Mitt Romney, and the income disparity between the richest few and the rest of the country increases even more than it already has during the Bush years, don't come crying to me. You will only have yourself to blame.

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