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Monday, October 10, 2011

Amazing! The Great Sprite vs 7UP Soft Drink Mystery in Thailand Finally Solved

Or Why does Sprite taste different in Thailand and 7UP doesn't.  Or we could just leave 7UP out of this completely and let Sprite bear the burden it self.  I've been coming to Thailand for about 10 years.  One of my pet peeves here was that Sprite tasted "different" than it did in America.  I wasn't sure but it seemed like it was "sweeter"  and didn't have as "grown up" a taste.  I even when so far as to import my own Sprite when I flew over.   It puzzled me. So much in fact that I wrote to Coke of America about it and then when Coke of America said they really had nothing to do with Coke or Sprite in Thailand for that matter. So I wrote to Coke of Thailand.   They weren't much help either as they really didn't understand my letter in English too well and I'm sure they had more important things on their minds than the deranged ranting of an expat complaining about some minor taste variation of their product on his over sensitive palate.

On the Left we have 7UP by Pepsi of 
Thailand.  On the right we have Sprite
by Coke of Thailand.

Read on as I will soon reveal all.This is startling  news with I think major international implications. I dare say not even the Corporate headquarters of Coke in America is aware of the secret I am about to reveal!
This is the contents label on the side of the can of 7Up.
Now if you can't read Thai your going to have to take
my word on this but notice where it says 16%?  Yes?
 Ok well it also says 16% High Fructose Corn Syrup.
All is well.  This is as it should be.  

Now notice the contents label on the side of the Sprite
can.  See where it says 14%?  Well it also says...
14%  Sugar!  Ah Ha!  I've uncovered the secret.  
I challenge you to look at that can of Sprite your 
holding right now.  Yes you in Duluth, Minnesota
Look at it son.  That's right it says,  High Fructose
Corn Syrup.
So someone at ICoke.co.th has unilaterally, surreptitiously, and possibly in violation of the strict Product content codes of their licensing agreements with Coke of America altered the formula.

Why?  We might ask ourselves.  Yes indeed why?  Well I'll tell ya why buckaroo.  Because sugar from sugar cane is plentiful here in Amazing Thailand and it's probably a hell of a lot cheaper than processing corn for fructose.  

At first I intended to prosecute this blatant violation of my palate to the fullest extent of the law, international or domestic.  Wherever the chips may land or the fructose may spill or the cane will fall but...since my son has told me regular old sugar from cane is much better for me that high fructose corn syrup I may just let this matter drop and alter my lifestyle, as they say.  Keep your eyes open folks and don't let them try to sneak on by on ya.


TexasTraveler said...

I thought something tasted different about thai sprite. It tastes much more floral. Not as much as a bite. Good to know its good ol sugar.

Sean Flynn said...

Thanks for info.
Where can I buy Thai Sprite in Europe, thanks. Sean