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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Production and Sales of Nazi Logo Clothing continues weeks after scandal and appears extensive in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Sacred Heart Nazi Sports Day Event. Photo from Pattaya Daily Mail.

Chiang Mai Market 10-11
 Photo Credit  FarmerRicky use by permission only
Chiang Mai Market 10-11
 Photo Credit  FarmerRicky use by permission only

Chiang Mai Market 10-11
 Photo Credit  FarmerRicky use by permission only
Since we are currently located here in Chiang Mai, Thailand where the now infamous Scared Heart School Nazi Day Parade Occurred.  See Here  or here at the  Bangkok Post.  I thought I'd do a little of my own investigative reporting.   What I discovered is that the dissemination and sales of Nazi clothing and paraphernalia is fairly extensive and common place in Chiang Mai.   I took these photos at the small market near the San Sai District of Chiang Mai, near Majoe University.

As you can see from the photos you can pick up a nice pair of "Super Skinny" Hitler Youth Blue Jeans for around 300 Thai Baht or around $10.00

Strangely enough the iconic image of Che is even more ubiquitous than Hitler here in Chiang Mai.  I find that fact almost as disturbing as the Hitler imagery given the fact that Che too was a mass murderer, albeit on a smaller scale, but a mass murderer none the less.  See here The Real Cuba.  Of course most Thai's walk around with Che shirts on blissfully unaware of the significance of the symbol.  Many Thai's cannot read anything other than Thai script and have no idea what the clothing they ware may say.  For example I saw an elderly Thai lady at the market several months ago with a Tee Shirt on that said,  "I only eat Pu__y" on the front and "F--k You" on the back.  I'm certain she would have been shocked to realize the statement she was making.  Maybe I should have said something?  But then how do you broach that topic?  "Excuse me...but.."  No.  It was better to have left it alone.

On the whole Sacred Heart Nazi rally issue I think what needs to be look at is who is behind selling and distributing these products.
They are very popular among young high school and College students. The fact that I can still go out to my local market and purchase Hitler blue jeans is testimony that the government isn't serious about putting an end to this Anti-Semitism   

Of all the articles I've read on the issue the The New Zealand Scoop article by Mr Ehrlich get's it mostly right.  
Photos, posters, Tee-Shirts of the Irish  Argentinean cum
Cuban Revolutionary (whom I find almost more repugnant than
Hitler) are even more ubiquitous than Hitler here in Chiang Mai. 

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