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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Off the Ceramic Path in Chiang Mai, Thailand

My favorite little clay/ceramics shop in Chiang Mai.  
You'll always find something a little unusual along
 with the kitschy stuff.


I probably own close to 20 of these little guys.   They
 adorn my house here in Thailand and in America

Dek Dek Buddah

Mythical two headed alligator sitting atop a Coral formation sculpture

Many of the artists designs are based on natural
forms. These examples are a theme and variation
 on a type of fern frond here in Thailand

I have several copies of this little guy.  All of them
 perceptably different and unique.  I"m not sure if he
has the burden of the world on his shoulders
 or the burden of his own woes on his shoulders.

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Anonymous said...


Do you still remember where is this place? Im interested to go and check it out