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Friday, October 07, 2011

Thai Self Reliance and Inner Strength Sustain Them Through Worst Flood in Centries Millions displaced and affected

The Thai People keep on smiling all through this tragedy. They don't cry. They don't blame anyone (Too much) They save the property they can. They move to higher ground. They take care of themselves. They don't ask or expect anyone to help. If you want to help, "Up to you." they would tell you.  They are self reliant unlike many liberal and low income cry baby American's who are egged on by CNN, MSNBC, AP, ABC and who have been sucking at the trough of public welfare their whole lives expecting and now demanding a hand out. American's could learn allot from the Thai's.

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Anonymous said...

Where the hell is the rest of the world when America is being flooded?? When The fires are burning up land, houses and taking lives.??. Or the hurricane that just destroyed half of American East coast.. Why does the rest of the world never see or speak of these things?? And ALL these things happened just this year.. Why is the rest of the world always wanting help from America but never giving any help?? Where are you world??