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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Politics Here and There. Election Time In Thailand

I've posted a couple of photographs of signs belonging to our local political party here in Chiang Mai.  Note the little heart in the symbol.  I believe it's the "Thai's love Thai" slogan.    Can you imagine a political party in America with a slogan,  "American's love American's?  On second thought I kind of like the sound of that.  I wonder if our media, the ACLU, and Democrat Party would object?  Don't get me wrong.  Our Republican party would object too but only because it's leaders want to loved and accepted by the Media and the Democrats.

It's interesting to note, for the most part, Thai's don't use the word "Advertisement" when referring to Television Commercials or Political Ads.  The call it all,  "Propaganda".  But the use of the word, "propaganda in Thailand doesn't carry with it the perjorative we associate with it in America.  It's refreshing for me to hear the use of words that actually reflect the activity being written or spoken about.  Advertisements, political or otherwise, are first and foremost  indeed, propaganda.
The above ad was placed against the Temple wall at the entrance to our Moo Bahn or Village.  Although, the monks are to a great extent "apolitical" or impartial the placement above is a "De facto" endorsement by the local temple.

A few months ago my wife mentioned our local political leader  had managed to get the Nong Jom District to pick up the cost of our trash services.  When I first saw this political ad I thought it was some kind of "Green Party" endorsement.  It turns out what the ad is about is a reminder to the voters that this guy,  is the one who got the district to pay for the trash pick up.  Now that's called bringing home the bacon!

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