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Monday, October 17, 2011

Climate Change Fanatics Go All The Way to Singapore To Support Debunked Theory or Shrinking Brain Causes Climate Change

What was once frozen tundra has now become a rice field.  Amazing!
One wonders if it will ever end.  By now the theory of climate change has been pretty thoroughly debunked here.  Yet some governments and University still persist in selling this swill.  The latest attempt comes out of Singapore.  An "Assistant Professor"  David Bicford claims Here that an increase global temperatures "may" cause plants to shrink, endangering world food supplies.  This is a hysterical assertion on the face of it but what is even more astounding is that the New Zealand Press or any news organization would even pick up the story.  Since when do research papers of "Assistant Professors" get world wide dissemination?  I guess if they support this ridiculous theory they do.  University's who receive funding from their governments to find evidence of global warming are loath to stop feeding at the money trough as are some governments who receive grants from the United States  and the UN for the same purposes.

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