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Friday, September 30, 2011

Florida Senator Thrasher Sells out GOP conservatives in bid for cabinet position in a potential Romney administration

According to  Paul Senft with the Republican National Committee From Florida  It appears that Florida's Republican Senator Thrasher has sold out conservatives in a bid to obtain a job with a potential Romney administration. 

Charlie Christ RINO at left and Thrasher right.
  We got rid of Christ now we have to get rid of Thrasher

According to the Fist Coast Tea Party:

Thrasher is the driving force and power broker behind Moving Florida's Presidential Primary To January 31, 2012

Background:   Florida's full allotment of delegates is: 99
If the state moves it's primary up  (Note: They did.) the RNC will penalize Florida and they will get only 48 delegates

With the total delegates available in the six or seven states that are attempting to go before Florida, there will only be 212 delegates available. With a normal distribution of delegates among the candidates it is probable that several candidates will have 75 or 80 delegates if they are in the lead. Florida would be in a position to really lock up the lead and momentum for a candidate if it voted to go March 1,2,3,4 or 5 and still had its full allotment of 99 delegates. There is no penalty provided in the RNC Rules for those five days. It would be possible, with the proper definition of proportionality for a candidate to get 60 to 80 of Florida's delegates and thus have a nice lead. (Again IF we were at full strength)

If, on the other hand, Florida goes as early as is being discussed (January 31), we will have little, if any, impact on the delegate count for any candidate. Further, we will be slapping the RNC in the face after they gave the convention to Florida and we have not given the new rules a chance to see if they work.

Moving the date will cut our delegation in half and diminish the voice of the people, us.  This is due to one man's grab at power and will silence the voice of the people, us.  

Comments below are from several members of First Coast Tea Party

"So Mr. Thrasher, in the guise of making FL more influential in the election, is actually doing the opposite.  The end result is that our voice will not count as much and the establishment candidate (this year's John McCain) will get the nod.

It is apparently too late for Florida Republican'st to reverse this decision.

 They have passed it and we have lost 1/2 of our delegates so Romney will have an advantage.  Please understand Romney is a business whiz, but if you think he will get rid of anything; think again.  He will not get rid of dept of ed, or epa or any of the rest of it, because he is an establishment candidate and folks of his ilk only just manage what the dems put in since they would love to have done it themselves but for the republican party platform!

Comment by Debbie
My observation; the recent upset of the establishment presidential candidates at P-5 has caused discontent in the GOP.  These establishment republicans were afraid of the power of grassroots voices if there were to be 99 at the RNC.  This way there will only be 48, which is not a great enough number to make an impact.  I also heard that Thrasher might have a place in a Romney cabinet.

Thrasher has apparently been promised a job by the Romney campaign in his cabinet and heaven knows if there is anything that will make someone turn on their electorite, it is a political favor in return for doing it.   Perhaps Romney wants the Florida voice quieted some and this will favor Romney mostly (and perhaps Romney is more concerned about Cain or Perry than he might care to admit since they both came in ahead of Romney in the straw poll).   William I udnerstand you need an explanation about losing delegates ahead of calling, but I got a call about this earlier to day, and called right afterwards and asked my caller to call Debbie.  The caller is a member of one of the republican groups and also said if Thrasher does this it will hurt Lennie Currie's reputation (don't know how, but that's the skinny).

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Nothing worse than a traitor or someone who sells themselves out.