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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Boy Obama Meets A Real Man, China's Xi Jinping

We have to leave it up to the small town of  Muscatine in the State of Iowa to welcome back the future leader of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping.(photo courtesy of Chinadaily)
Vice President Xi Jinping, (pronounced, shee jin ping  Say it quickly) is 58 years old.  His family suffered under the purges during the cultural revolution.  He has a wealth of personal and professional experience navigating successfully in life as a politician,world leader and as a decent human being.  America should have paid more attention to his visit.  At least in Iowa they know who pays the bills and who to pay attention to.
This is a news story of significant and certainly historical consequences and it got, not surprisingly, little to no news coverage in America with the exception of the Wall Street Journal and a few other publications.   For the most part it was, shall we say, "over shadowed" by the more important coverage of Whitney Houston's death and the Obama administration and democrat party agenda to foist the red herring of abortion and birth control alarm on the American left.

I cringe at the thought that Vice President Xi had to suffer through these "grip and grin" photo sessions with this fool and illegitimate President.  (photo courtesy of Chinadaily)

An open letter to Vice President Xi,  "One day soon, maybe when you are President of China, we too will have a new president of your stature and intelligence.  Until then,  we all bow in shame and embarrassment that you must suffer with this idiot.  We, as citizens of the United States, do hereby promise to do better in selecting a leader, the next time. Respectfully yours, All right thinking people in America."

We are pleasantly surprised that Vice President Xi looks poised to become the next leader of China.  As we reported previously here at Naam Bplah we thought the next leader might be General Lin Yuan.  Had General Yuan become the next leader this would not have been good news for America.  Fortunately it looks like our contacts high within the Chinese military industrial complex were correct X is in and Y is out.  Why is X better for the USA than Y you may ask?   As described in the link above Y is old school and an old time Commie Military type and X is really a CINO (Commie In Name Only) who's family belongs to the "Prince Party".  The Pince Party are not militarily agressive people and they are focused on the domestic issues in China.  In fact I suspect they may all be closet capitalists.  But on top of all that why do we like X over Y?

Xi's wife is very attractive and famous in China.  More famous even than her husband.  She is none other than Peng Liyuan.

That's right gentlemen.  We like Xi and we love Xi's wife.  Now to put the cherry on top of the cake.  Here's the hot news.  They have a daughter.  She's hot too, of course, but more importantly she goes to Harvard.  Her name is Xi Mingze (习明泽).  She's 20 years old and her nick name is Xiao Muzi (小木子).  

Above in top photo we find her in blue or is that an aqua blouse with some of her girlfriends from Harvard.  Just above this caption she is in black in a more formal and somber pose.

We here at Naam Bplah welcome and applaud  Xi's rise to power.  We just hope those mushy liberal professors at Harvard don't fill little Xi Mingze head with too much liberal socialist propaganda.  And again, our apologies to her father for having to suffer Obama.

Finally, in honor of the New Year and Dragon's we have some never published before original artwork on Namm Bplah commemorating the New Year.  

Here we have a fanciful dragon ready to strike.

This may look familiar to some as it is an original sketch from the artwork of the 2012 Chinese Stamp.

That's it for today.  Keep your comments and contributions coming our staff of researchers and this artwork isn't cheap.  


Anonymous said...

Bo GuaGua is graduated student in Harvard as well, his father BoXiLai is also belong to the "Prince Party"...You can see they are very united, and really ready for an uncertain future of China:1、if the Democracy is going to be awakened,they would stay at oversea countries,and keep their great wealth well; 2、if the Communist Party and the Prince party continue to dictatorship,they or their relatives are the successor...As Chinese always says "One heart makes preparation for two aspects"!

Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend. Your knowledge and wisdom can be applied in my own circumstance in Thailand today.

Anonymous said...

Who are you trying to fool here? The picture was in Singapore, the date was 2007 while the girl started school in 2010. Anyway, not my business, just come across the website and felt annoying. Poor the girl in the picture you stole.

Anonymous said...

" too much liberal socialist propaganda". The PRC is communist--in name and theory anyway. Socialism would be a step to the right.

Anonymous said...

the young lady in black dress is Peng Liyuan, not her daughter Xi Mingze. And the girl in blue does not look like Xi Mingze at all. To be honest, ethnically, she does not even look like one from the mainland. That girl in blue is probably someone born in Southeast Asian Countries.

Anonymous said...

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