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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Best Hair Cut Anywhere In The World Can Be Found In Chaing Mai, Thailand.

If you drive down a small winding little Soi in the Nong Jom Sub District of Chiang Mai, just off the Super Highway you'll eventually come to my barber's shop, owned and operated by "Noi".  For an inflation adjusted 2 bits you'll get the best "Shave and a Hair Cut" any man has ever had.
Waiting room outside Noi's Hair Salon
For 50 Thai Baht or about $1.60 you get a hair cut, that includes a skin tight shave at the incredibly skilled and steady hands of Noi. Noi not only gives you a straight razor shave, she trims up your eyebrows, ear and nose hair and tops the whole experience off with an ice cold towel face wash which rapidly evaporates in the hot Thai climate.  She follows this up with a generous dose of talcum power to keep you dry, a "just right" refreshing spray of generic Thai men's cologne and then tops everything off with a forehead, temple and shoulder massage.  Plan on spending anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes in the chair.
Gentlemen, have a seat.

This is Called Trust.

This is Noi hard at work.  One thing to keep in mind.  You can't get a hair cut in Thailand on Wednesday.  It's very, very bad luck. Oh my Buddha.  But on any other day of the week at Noi's you can experience a total grooming experience for the proverbial 2 bits or $1.60  in today's dollar.  Actually when you adjust it for inflation it's probably a lot cheaper than 2 bits (25 cents).


Anonymous said...

So...you cut hair for tomorrow's trip?haha..

Ethan Guenther said...

Can you give an exact adress? I would love to go here