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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Repeal New Neutrality. Call your congressmen and senators to voice your support for the repeal.

Internet the Future

Net neutrality is a misnomer.  There is nothing neutral about “Net Neutrality”.  

Net Neutrality is government control and government regulation of the Internet.  Most Liberals and Democrats (synonymous)  are so dogmatic and biased they follow the Democratic line even when it’s against their own self interest.  Their position on  Net Neutrality is no exception to this truth.

Answer me this?  How did the internet grow and survive before June 12,2015 when Obama instituted so called Net Neutrality?  

Now let me explain this to you.  On December 14, so called Net Neutrality will be repealed by chairman Pai  (Twitter Pai) and the Trump administration.  On December 15 and thereafter the internet and ISP’s big and small will continue to Thrive.  

Support a truly free internet. Get big government out of the people’s net.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

A Day for Unity and Human Rights but not for Free Speech

"Human Unity by Force not Consent"

You might notice that on the Facebook Post (below) they don't leave anyone the ability to comment. You can only "like" it or "share" it. Facebook doesn't believe in free speech on the political agendas or propaganda they advocate. If they did, they would allow you to comment. If I'm wrong, let them explain why you cannot comment.

This so called "Human Rights Day" is actually not what it appears to be. It is a canard. It is deceptive. What it is, is Big Governments, (with the collusion, endorsement, and propagation by main stream media elite) method of silencing free speech, and duping the people into giving up their own free speech rights. How do they do this? They do this by inventing something called, "Hate Speech" If your country is being overrun by legal or illegal immigrants and you are sick and tired of the increase in violent crimes and rape because of this immigration and the clash of cultures, and you complain about it, or if you protest about it, suddenly you become the criminal. You are accused of "Hate Speech" for asserting your own right to life, liberty and property. You become a criminal for trying to protect your family, your home and home land. No, my friends this is not a simple lovely, sweet, hug your brother or sister day. Facebook and other social media titans of the, one government, one world, "new world order" disseminate this "coom bi ya" bullshit to convince you, to acquiesce (To consent or comply passively or without protest.) This is, without a doubt a sinister, totalitarian plot to take away your right to free speech and more importantly a plot to take away your right to your life and property. Even more brazen is the fact that the government wishes to employ you and have you endorse the very process that will deprive you of your own rights. If you don't believe me ask anyone in Germany who opposes Merkel's policies on immigration or the Swedish governments policies on Immigration or even England's policies on immigration and laws regarding what you can and cannot say about radical Muslims or about the imposition of Sharia law in a Judeo Christian country.

This Human Rights Day that FB is promoting is the one declared by the United Nations over 70 years ago. (Speaking of a corrupt organization, the United Nations is one of the worlds MOST corrupt and controlling organizations.) First of all you have to ask yourself, what has the United Nations done in 70 years? They have spent over One Half a Trillion dollars and what have they accomplished? Have they stopped world famine? Have they brought world peace with their trillion dollar "blue helmeted peace keeping forces"? ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_the_United_Nations )

Mark Zukkerburg of Facebook doesn't understand history, because he hasn't read history. He is an empty headed techno whiz kid with no foundation in philosophy, history or even a basic understanding of the US constitution. He's never read, John Locke, or Montesquieu, two important philosophers who shaped the US constitution.

What this should be is a day to support your own individual rights. It should be called, "Individual Rights Day", declaring that we all have a God Given, inherent right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness." And that we all have a right to our property and the right to protect our life and our property.. Governments don't GIVE you rights. You were born with these rights to your own life, and the ability to grow and foster your property as you see fit. These, rights governments would have you believe are bestowed upon you as gifts from Government. They,are NOT gifts from Governments but these are you inalienable rights given to you by your creator, God, Buddha, Mohammad, whoever you pray to.

Don't "like" or say "yes" to this Human Rights day. Voice your option, read, study, understand the true agenda of the globalists and big government proponents which is to control your life and your property. They think, they know better than you how to live your life and what to do with your money and they are hell bent on doing just that. Controlling you.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Drained of Empathy

Today I suffered through yet another thinly veiled anti President Trump story by NPR.  That's right another taxpayer funded NPR story on the "Poor".  I am so sick and tired of hearing about the poor.  I am "poured" out of empathy for the"poor".  For 8 years under Obama the "poor" didn't exist.

Suddenly, under a republican administration the "poor" are dragged out again like the Easter Bunny or Ground Hog to adorn the air of NPR and the pages of the New York Times.  Where was the "Poor in New Orleans" Katrina story when Obama was president?     Where was the reporting on the "poor" during the "Chimney Tops Wildfire" in Tennessee  in 2016?  It was non existent.   Did the "poor" receive adequate assistance during "Hurricane Matthew?  How will we ever know and can we sleep at night not knowing?  What did or didn't Obama do for the people of Haiti?   Speaking of Haiti, what did the Clinton's do for the people of Haiti and how much were they paid to "help the poor" of Haiti?
It's called Cherry Picking.  
The left picks the ripest, reddest, shiniest example that supports their narrative, their agenda and they run with it ignoring all other facts.  Please let's dispense with stories of the poor. The "poor" have become just another pawn for the left to manipulate in their never ending quest for power. I call for a moratorium on stories about the poor for the remainder of the President Trump administration, just like the moratorium that existed during Obama's.   I think I am not alone when I say thanks to America's so called "journalists" we have lost our appetite and interest in the "poor".   Let them eat cake at 7-Eleven with their EBT cards

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Is Google Home blocking music with Christian content?

  Least you think I'm a conspiracy theorist you should check out this article in Us News and World report.  Hardly a right wing magazine. US News and World Report  Or just Google the phrase "google has become the internet  censor"  The results are pretty conclusive.  

Additionally, I do know that Google Home isn't or wasn't designed to work outside of the US, Canada or the UK.  My "Google Home" informed me of that when I hooked it up and it detected my IP address.  It said something like, "I might not work or I wasn't designed to work..." but it does work pretty well. However the censorship part about music, really has less to do with Google Home and more to do with who your Google Home is "linked" to,  Pandora, Spotify, or Google Play.  In my case Google Play,  (Which IS designed and advertised to work in Thailand)   I didn't make that clear in my initial post.  The Google Home is just a conduit through which Google Play provides "content". and I think, as I've demonstrated elow also censors that content based on location and, as far as I can tell not for copy-write or licensing issues. I'm pretty sure, "Jesus Loves Me" is public domain. 

Google Home not so friendly to Christian Homes

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Got News

I want to give my full endorsement to a hard hitting, extremely accurate investigative news organization that publishes really newsworthy information you won't find in the mainstream until much later when they are forced to report on it.  These folks don't mess around.  No jive, no hyperbole, just thoroughly  accurate reporting.  Check them out. GotNews

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Not So Perfect

I spoke to a woman friend of mine today.  She told me her sister was getting divorced after 16 years of marriage.  It seems the husband is an alcoholic.  I asked if he beat her or was violent.  (Something even I won't tolerate, with my John Wayne code of ethics.  (John never struck a woman, no matter the cause.)  She said no.  In fact, she portrayed him as a "highly functional alcoholic". (Senior executive at a major corporation with an income over 3 digits) and loving and attentive to their three children.   But, after years of trying, her sister has given up on his evenings of drinking himself, I imagine, to sleep. 

I expressed the usual empathy and condolences on the human condition.  However, I thought, to myself, "And another marriage, another relationship, bites the dust."  

For some odd reason this little vignette of life... this "sound bite" told by an acquaintance stuck with me all day.   I wondered. "What had tipped the scales?"  What had caused her to "give it up" after sixteen years?  In fact, in retrospect, I think I asked her that question and as I remember, there was nothing!   He just wore her down.  Or, maybe she wore him down...I doesn't really matter.

This event brought to mind a story my stepfather told me once about an employee he discovered who was stealing from him.  My father was in the plating business.  Automotive chrome, nickel plating.  The employee was stealing a 100lb canister of pure nickel ingots once a month.


In the evening around the dinner table my father explained to us what he had discovered and told us how disappointed he was in this man whom he had known for a long time.  He trusted him and considered him a friend.  He had been to our house on weekends and holidays.

We all assumed my father was going to fire the employee but after some thought he decided to keep him and ignore the theft.  He gave us the following explanation: Ed had been with the company for over 12 years.  He was a hard worker.  He showed up for work every day. He knew the business, inside and out.  In short, he could be depended on.   He made money for the company.  Yes, he was a thief.  But, what would it cost my father to replace him and more importantly, what kind of new employee would he get?  One that didn't show up for work.  One that drank on the job.  One that didn't know how to lead and motivate the other workers.   Also, if he confronted him my father new he risked Ed leaving out of shame.  On the other hand he was a thief.  What to do?????
As I said before, all things considered, my father decided to keep Ed.  He dealt with the stealing by keeping track of what Ed stole and calculated the loss into Ed's earnings, rather than giving him a raise.

I reflected on this in the context oh how we decide to give up on relationships.  Obviously, this isn't the thought process Dr. Laura would go through.  But when we give up a relationship of 10, 15, 20 or 25 years because of a defect in that relationship, what do we trade it for?  I think we all might do well to consider that question before we draw a line in the sand...

It seems we're all searching for this nirvana.  This idyllic, romantic notion of relationship borne of a concept we read in books, or were taught in church or  from the cinema or television.  Or maybe, as in my case, it was that little voice inside me that said I could do better.  And maybe that little voice is fueled by all of the sources above.  And maybe, just maybe some of it is crap.    But convinced of that greener grass we move on to achieve something better, finer, truer.   But did I achieve it?  Will I?  I hope so.

Bottom line, maybe... just maybe we (myself included) need to be a little more tolerant, a little more willing to accept a few defects.  Or as Tom Waits once said, "Dreams aren't broken here; they walk around with a limp."  And, hey?  Is that so bad?

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Papaya. Sweet Potato on Acid, Timothy Leary style.

What we have here is a full grown succulent Papaya grown in a residential neighborhood in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I know this because I grew it.  This is NOT fake news.  This season I had two Papaya trees, they were about 1 meter apart, in the same soil and received the same amount of sunlight and nutrients.  One grew strong and bore many fruit and the other, although strong and promising at first, later failed to mature and propagate.

There is no explanation for this failure to thrive by the one and not the other.  It's like having kids.  One goes to the University of Michigan and the other goes to Jackson Michigan State prison.

Coming from the West my experience and familiarity with Papaya was limited.  If available in America they were just "green" blobs to be occasionally seen in "Trader Joe's" or "Whole Foods" and to be assiduously avoided.  Why?  The price was prohibitive and the condition was questionable.  (What slow boat from Asia had it come over on?) What was inside?  Did you want to  pay $10.00 for it.

After having consumed a full season of Payaya I liken them to, strangely enough, a sweet Potato.  Yes they are like a sweet well cooked sweet Potato on LSD.    Yes  quite possibly, former US Army Sgt. Timothy Leary would be rolling over in his grave to hear this but it's true.  The flavor, color and texture of the Papaya is, at first seemingly like a sweet Potato but 10 times more intense, if your thinking sweet potato.
And we learn from  Drugs.Com  that "Papaya is cultivated for its edible ripe fruit; its juice is a popular beverage, and its young leaves, shoots, and fruits are cooked as a vegetable. The fruits are a source of flavoring used in candies, jellies, preserves, and ice cream. Shallow cuts on the surface of fully grown but unripe fruits cause a milky sap or latex to ooze that is collected, dried, and termed “crude papain.” Papain has many industrial uses, as well as milk-clotting (rennet) and protein-digesting properties." 

And who ever knew that "Nearly 80% of American beer is treated with papain, which allows the beer to remain clear upon cooling. Papain is most commonly used commercially in meat tenderizers and chewing gums. Cosmetically, papain is used in some toothpastes, shampoos, and facial creams." 

You see above the healthy "fruitful Papaya.   Below her pathetic sister, although promiscuous, she failed to follow the prime directive.

A tall strong stalk, well formed leaves but no fruit.  No amount of government support or subsidies would have made a difference and helped this plant to propagate.  Mother nature is not inclusive and fair.  She is not in the business of underwriting failed species or non performing instances of successful species.  No title IX support offered here and neither should we be, as a society, in the business of supporting and paying for policies that subsidize groups or individuals that weaken our society as a whole.  It may sound cruel by today's, over indulgent and destructive standards but it is not.  Continued government support of the flawed, the degenerates, and the infirm at the expense of the healthy, creative, energetic and productive will ultimately lead to the overall destruction of our republic.  While it is wonderful and just and proper and should be applauded that individuals and private charities reach out and support and attempt to rehabilitate the infirm.  Government has no place in imposing this largess on the taxpayers of this nation.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fake News or just old fashioned Propaganda?

Update: I wanted to update my article on "Fake News" with a link to an article I read by a liberal blogger today that very articulately and much more thoroughly reflects my own position. The article by John Laurits can be found Here.  John highlights the dangers of what organizations like Google and Facebook are doing in including legitimate news sites like Breitbart, RedFlag, Info Wars, Red State and others. in their ban on Fake News when these sites are clearly NOT Fake News anymore than CNN is.  However, these sites do express a political viewpoint that Google and Facebook don't agree with.  The question is who decides what is "Fake" and what is Not.  Who determines it?  What criteria is used?

There have been a recent spate of articles on "Fake News". From CNN last week and now from PC World. Both outlets pretending to be the unvarnished, unbiased neutral third parties on what is and what isn't "Fake News. The PC World article on "Fake News" is so fake and misleading I almost had to vomit. How do they think they can get away with the blatant propaganda they put out? Didn't they learn anything from the election? Who's checking the Fact Checkers? And what's up with this PC World's pathetic excuse for an editor, Mark Hatchman? This individual is no journalist or editor. He admittedly conned his way into his current position. He claims to be an enthusiastic hiker but but one look at him and you can determine he hasn't been hiking in 10 or 20 years. If you can't trust his assertions about his own personal life, how can you rely on his published reporting?

Note: Update note. I noticed that the link to the photo I had in this article of Mark Hatchman was bad, i.e., no longer existed. Much to my chagrin and amazement it appears that Mr. Hatchman and or his agents and or Google systematically searched the web for all images of Mr. Hatchman and removed them. (Especially the ones showing him in his current state of as a rotund bloated, left wing, social justice warrior bloviate. So I was left with no recourse than to hurriedly draw a likeness of him. (See below) I know. I know. It's juvenile and pathetic. I'll make improvements in the not too distant future but this will act as a placeholder until that time.

Also, what's up with the term "Fake News" itself. Is that some spiffy new Leftist politically correct term? What's wrong with calling it propaganda, opinion or even wistful thinking? Who is going to be the arbitrator of what is fake and what is real? CNN? PC World? Zuckerberg's FaceBook staff or God help us, Mark Hatchman?

Look, most people are smart enough they don't need some "self appointed, ivy league, politically correct, adjunct professor of "human studies" to tell them what's propaganda and what isn't. The proof of my assertion is the result of this election. Despite a relentless and massive misinformation campaign by the democrats, and the Media (Same organization really.) The America people figured out for themselves that the Media and the Democrats, RINO Republicans, and Never Trumpers were lying to them. As the 1970's Rock and Rollers, The Who, once cried, We Don't get Fooled Again.  But it now appears that Google and Facebook and the Federal Government under Obama and the Democrats are determined to make sure we don't have free and unfettered access to any news or information we are interested in.  They want to "control" our access and determine for us what is and what isn't news.   This is never a good thing.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Fish in the Stew and a new Stew

Now that the election is over we are promised and we believe, there will be a sea change in American policies both domestic and international and in politics in our nation's capital that hasn't occurred since 1928 (With the exception briefly, by very narrow margins, in the Bush administration for a few months)   Without a doubt Republicans (conservatives) have not had such a massive mandate and control over power for almost 90 years.
New Fish, Same Sauce?
This historic change in America political power is without precedent and without argument, a total repudiation of President Barack Obama's last 8 years of failed policies and of weakening America's power and endangering America's safety at home and abroad.

It remains to be seen what Road Map will be established by the Trump Administration to correct and remedy the destruction 8 years of the Obama Administration's "fundamental transformation" of America.  Where do we start?

The current narratives and dialogue being floated in the Main Stream Media focus on eliminating or reforming Obama Care,

The President Trumps Transition Web Site  presents the following broad areas he intends to immedieatly address.

Defense & National Security
Immigration Reform & Building The Wall
Energy Independence

Tax Reform
Regulatory Reform
Trade Reform
Transportation & Infrastructure
Financial Services Reform

Healthcare Reform
Veterans Administration Reform
Protecting Americans' Constitutional Rights

And the Mainstream media is hell bent on taking the wheels off the Trump Train of Progress before it even leaves the Station.  We've seen a plethora of  purported "news" articles ranging from seemingly innocuous articles, by CNN offering advice on how to spot "Fake" news to out right libelous articles in the New York Times on President Elect Trumps cabinet selections especially of the appointment of Steven K Bannon as described in this interview in the Wall Street Journal.

Stay tuned.  The real crimes are about to be committed by the Obama Administration prior to his leaving office.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

America Demonstrates It's Greatness . Freedom Rings!

The subtitle of this post should be, "You can't wipe out 240 years of self reliant, limited government  republican philosophy in 8 years of Democratic Party hegemony.  Although, they came close we pulled this one out by the hair of our electoral ass.  God bless the Founding Fathers for that and for preventing our destruction by a Ochlocracy or Mob Rule.

I still can't believe he actually won!
We are still absorbing this.  What a glorious day.
Republican's haven't controlled both houses of congress and the Executive branch since my mother was a baby in 1928.  I've been waiting for this since my first child was 5 years old in 1989 and President Reagan left office
My daughter said to me, "I thought if McCain and Romney couldn't do it against Obama, Trump wouldn't hold up against Clinton... but I guess people have had enough!"  She's spot on the money. and very insightful for a millennial at that. LOL

McCain and Romney were just "milk toast" more of the same, middle of the road with appeasement policies.  Millions of Americans had just given up on voting.  I personally know many guys who over the years just told me it didn't matter.  They didn't bother to vote.  Trump has at least ignited a fire in people, if nothing else. He has awakened and brought a new Vantage Point that is different from politicians that surround him and proceed him.
Trump appealed to the  disaffected and the long term unemployed and that includes millions of minorities.  For the first time they saw something genuine and honest and refreshing and thed decided to vote and give this guy a chance.  If another Bush had won the nomination, or even Rubio, we would have lost to Hillary.  Only a candidate like Trump who could galvanize the working men and women of America.

As Superman used to say,  "Up up and Away"  America is on a new path to success and greatness if we can subdue the vicious, hate mongering liberal hoard and the 4th estate.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Last Minute Election Toughts for my fellow Americans

As a young man growing up in the 1950's and 60's I remember watching William F. Buckley on TV.

 I watched it on Saturday or Sunday in the late afternoon or evening with my step father.  Buckley was an icon of common sense, logic and brilliance. He was revered in our house.  Now, I think it  improbable or at least unusual that a 14 year old would enjoy "Firing Line" but I enjoyed it immensely. I could switch from watching episodes of "Combat and  then become transfixed by Buckley talking on any subject.  Christopher Hitchens and Buckley   Unfortunately, I cannot find very early episodes of Firing Line.  But I offer you some interesting video's such as this one on with Hitchens above and on, Ayn Rand.

Later in the 1970's in college I recall someone remarking about WFB's debate skills by saying, "He can debate with such elan that he makes the argument itself seem superfluous. "  I love that line.  I reminds me of something Oscar Wilde might have said and it was spot on regarding Buckley.

Where am I going with this and why or how it it related to the election tomorrow?  Good question.  Here's the answer.  In all my life William F Buckley is the only talking head, the only political commentator who in a dialogue or debate, when challenged or confronted with a viewpoint or argument that contradicted his own, would say,  "Interesting point.  I hadn't considered that before"   How refreshing!  Have you ever heard a talking head, Republican or Democrat ever say anything like that today?  No you haven't.

For the last year I have been talking to my family and friends and even vague acquaintances.  I've asked them, "What informs you?" I've tried to engage them in wholesome friendly debate.   Frequently, this entrete on my part has resulted in, at best intransigence or at worse I am accused of being hateful.  It seems today if you disagree with a liberal it's considered hateful for some reason that escapes me.

I believe I have failed to convince even one human being to consider or even entertain for a second a change in their position and vote for the Republican candidate.  It strikes me that their reluctance is a visceral, dogmatic irrational position.  No amount of cajoling or friendly debate results in a "William F Buckley" type response, "Ah yes... good point, I hadn't considered that"

There was a time in America where people could be reached and convinced to modify or consider other viewpoints but I fear we have lost that ability.  When young people today are confronted with ideas or concepts and viewpoints they are not familiar with, instead of considering them and having a WFB moment, they just freeze up, go into panic mode and revert to accusing their questioner of "triggering" speech or "hate" speech.

Tomorrow's election will be decided by these snowflakes who are incapable of making decisions for themselves.  I fear the republic is lost.  This is especially true because most American's don't even know they live in a republic.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Vote for Mr. Moose for President of the United States.

On the eve of this tumultuous, acrimonious, and critical election I thought a little reminder of elections from my past might be in order.  I give you and implore you to vote, Mr. Moose.

Mr. Moose For President of the United States of America.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Google Verifies President Elect Trumps claim of Bias

A Google spokesperson, told CNN news according to an article in Wired Magazine that 

 “Our autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a person’s name,” a Google spokeswoman told CNN."

"In building an algorithm that won’t suggest offensive searches connected to people’s names, Google is making an editorial decision about the search results it publishes, much as Facebook inscribes its own editorial values into which news stories are prioritized in users’ News Feeds. These platforms can never be truly neutral, since engineering a system to display one thing necessarily means something else remains hidden. Those choices may not represent political biases, but they are biases toward one value over another—civility versus abuse, say, or serious news versus tabloid trash."

What does that mean to you if you're looking for unbiased, unfiltered information when you do a search?  It means you can't get it.   Google is making "subjective" decisions for you on what is civil, what is abusive, what is tabloid trash and what is not.

For example, if you enter in the search Crooked Lying Hillary you will not get the number of returns that you should for this search and the results will be ordered with articles the "refute" the implication of your search term, i.e. articles which try to debunk the fact that she lies or for example, articles about Donald Trump calling her, "Crooked Lying Hillary and decrying how unfair of him it is to do so.

Conversely, if you entered in the search term "Psycho Trump"  you will get an over abundance of results, consisting of not just text, but videos, YouTube, and Pictures of a Psycho Trump  all of which confirm and expand and expound on the fact that Mr. Trump is, in the opinion of the left, a Psycho.  

This Wired article by  Mr. Marcus Wohlsen justifies this censorship by stating that, "Google has a right to an editorial point of view."  the problem is Wohlsen conflates Google's function as a search engine and that of a journalist.  Google is not a Journalist.  Google is a search engine which claims to be committed to Search Neutrality.  Search Neutrality that Google claims to be governed by directly contradicts Mr. Wohlsen's assertions that Google has a "right to an editorial POV." and the definition of Search Neutrality would seem to be at odds with the algorithms Google is currently using to restrict conservative, libertarian and other forms of speech.

It's obvious that Google no longer supports the concept of "Search Neutrality" by the use of their new filtering algorithms.

I will have more to add to this missive later but I will publish today while it's still possible.  I want to  just briefly comment that Google's politics and "filtering" of words and phrases it deems offensive has had a direct impact on my own Blog Naam Bplah  in that they have removed links to videos I posted years ago showing Obama and Kahild Mohammad calling for "Death to all White People"   They have done this under the guise that it was offensive, which it was,  But it wasn't posted to be offensive it was posted to demonstrate what hate speech is and to prove that Obama is associated with that faction of people.  What is curious is that other videos showing radical racists spewing hate speech is left untouched on google.  It is not removed because it supports the narrative of the left.  Only videos that contradict the narrative of the left are removed from Google.  Keep your eyes open people.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Republic, what remains of it, if anything

Today a friend send me an article that appeared in the Ultra Liberal Publication called VOX. The writer claimed to be a student of democracies. The article written by Shaun Bowler can be found here. Vox 

Mr. Bowler, although a self proclaimed "Student of Democracies" was apparently unaware that America was founded not as a Democracy but as a Republic.   Big, Big difference. As Benjamin Franklin said in response to a question of whether we had a Republic or a Monarchy as he was leaving the constitutional convention of 1787. He replied "A Republic if you can keep it."

Sadly, we are now living in a post constitutional era where the checks and balances in the constitution have all been eroded, where the executive branch rules by executive orders and both houses of congress have been emasculated and too weak to object. They have abdicated their constitutional power and authority. What we have now is a plutocracy of wealthy corporate elites and wealthy elite big government Democrats. America as it was founded is effectively gone. Franklin's premonition in his response was far sighted. "...if you can keep it." We haven't. It's lost regardless of the outcome of this election.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bananas. Yes we have none!

"Yes, we have no bananas!"  

When you live in the tropics,( Tropics? Sounds exotic.) The subject "Bananas" has a whole new meaning.  June and July are very lean times for bananas in the tropics and if you're accustomed to imbibing, swallowing, chewing, or cavorting with natures imperfect fruit in any form you will suddendly miss these delectable berries, (yes I said berries. Technically speaking they are  berries.)

 It's late July and slowly but invariably you realize how fond of them you are. You say to yourself, upon awaking, "Hey, seriously I need a banana!"   However, come August and September your sense of panic recedes and you realize we are shortly to be inunudated with those slippery greenish yellow fragile tuberous looking berries again.  I digress but God bless the tropics, and more specitifally the Tropic of Cancer,( What is the Tropic of Cancer ?) and God Bless Henry Miller too for writing the bloody book. (Which has little to do with bananas or Manhood for that matter.)

Back to Bananas. They start with beautiful elongated purplish flowers with stamens that eventually turn into the banana fruit.  I've captured a few of the delightful rascals below for your entertainment.

 She has a strong feminine colour and appearance and in their infancy she shrewdly protects her male offspring at her foundation.
See the little stamens?  Almost little men but still clinging to their feminine flowers.
Now only tiny little fellows but soon to be a size any man would be proud of.

And you thought "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" was entertaining.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pocahontas Refuses Challenge to take DNA test

Democrat Pocahontas Liz Warren. What a freaking joke!!!  What say you Kemosabe? LOL. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are rolling over in their graves.  Elizabeth Warren is too much. Definitely "Jumped the Shark" on this one. But hey this "little red lie" got her into Harvard.  Real American Indians should be righteously outraged.  Why doesn't she just take a DNA test and put all the speculation to rest.  She can buy a 23&Me DNA kit for $99. Hell I'll pay for it .   
Photo credit to 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Syrian Refugees Move to Martha's Vinyard

In a shocking move we have learned that President Obama may order as many at 2000 Syrian Refugees to be relocated to his favorite vacation spot of Martha's Vineyard.  Current demographics show a total white population in the Vineyard of approximately 3,500 and about 150 African Americans.

This influx of new Syrian refugees to Martha's Vineyard will almost double the population.  However, we have learned that for most of the largely democratic voting population of the Vineyard the refugees will be welcomed with open arms.  In fact the rich and famous Taylor (James) and Simon (Carly) families have pledged to personally accommodate up to 50 of the refugees in the horse stables on their own properties.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Real Hands Up Don't Shoot

In the aftermath of the Mr Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri and the demonstrably false Democratic Party, Obama Administration and Media narrative that Mr. Brown had his hands up in the "Don't Shoot" position. And given the current wave of antisemitism spreading across the globe, fueled by radical Muslim's, and a compliant media we thought we would provide a reminder to everyone of an earlier, real and more tragic, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" event that took place in 1942 in Warsaw, Poland.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hero's of Yala

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veterans Day November 11, 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand Foreign Cemetary

If your a foreigner living, biding time, dying, or dead, in Chiang Mai,Thailand your always welcome here.

The Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery

It was during the turn of the century around 1898 or 2441 in Thai years that King Rama the Fifth granted a plot of land, not far from the banks of the Ping River, on what is now prime Chiang Mai real estate, to be used as a graveyard for foreigners.  The grant had two conditions.  One, the plot could never be sold.  But I'm sure a good lawyer from America (And I mean good in the worst sense of the word.) could argue that the King's grant didn't preclude a 100 year lease or rental to a development company.  Fortunately that hasn't happened yet. But, I digress.  The second condition was that only "Foreigners" or "Farang", or more closely in Thai,  ฝรั่ง [faràŋ] may be buried there.  Thanks to the King's decree the cemetery exists and foreigners have been buried here since the 1900's.  And so we find ourselves here today at a cemetery!  A cemetery in a Buddhist country where almost everyone is cremated.   King Rama must have chuckled and thought it an exceedingly strange custom for "Farang" to bury themselves in the ground.  But, I for one, am grateful he indulged us our idiosyncrasies.

Plenty of room for more foreigners.

Why are we here today and what is the real subject of my post?  Today, November 11, 2013, we the living, took time out of our busy lives to honor those fighting men that came before us and who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  

This was a wonderful service supported by the Friends of the Royal British Legion, the American Veterans of Foreign Wars and both the British and American Counsels in Chiang Mai. Local schools, also supported and attended the ceremonies as did Chiang Mai government organizations and the local expatriot population and local Thai citizens.   Several prayers and words of reflection on life and war were read and it was good to hear these things and reflect upon them.  I think we were also here to honor those who are currently serving and in harms way.  I say this from the perspective of a father who has a daughter serving with US Army special operations in Afghanistan, a son-in-law in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan and a son who is a Navy Pilot on duty keeping an eye on the Chinese in one of our newest P3 aircraft and recently sent off searching for the missing MH370 Malaysian Airline.  I'd almost like to say I qualify for the Saving Private Ryan exemption. Sole Survivor Policy

The days events, for me were framed by the presence and music played by my friend, Mr. Andrew McRady, (a good Scotts man), former Head Master of Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) and current director or alumni affairs at CMIS who played the pipes throughout the ceremony to keep us all in a reflective mood.

Andrew McRady plays the bagpipes

Also performing at the Tribute was a Thai soldier, (I believe the equivalent of a sergeant in the US Army ) who played the Thai version of Taps which was quite beautiful and melancholy.
Go ahead, have a listen and let me know what you think.

There was another Falang, who I assume was American who played "Revelie" on the trumpet but I failed to record it or to get his name.  For that I do apoligize.  However if your in the mood for a good rendition of "Reveille" you can find it here.

After the ceremony had concluded I walked around and visited several of the grave sites   I must admit graveyards have been alluring to me since I was a young boy at Barbour Hall Military academy, in Nazareth Michigan.   

At the Chiang Mai Foreigners Cemetery  as with any cemetery you explore you will find many graves with words of love and affection for the deceased and a few with voices that reach out to the audience.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" has meaning here and you can tell from the "murderous hands" inscription there is still allot of healing that needs to occur.

This has to be one of the very first foreign graves at Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery, possibly just after King Rama made his royal proclamation.  

Oh those "Flying Tigers" they get a bad name today in the revisionist histories written by our liberal press but were't they really some swashbuckling dare or die heroes?  I think they were. 

 I would love to have met these gentlemen.  You can read about their exploits here and here.

This was my fathers generation.  He too served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  We are truly defined by our service, actions, deeds and accomplishments.  Our memories and the memories of those who knew us somehow summarize many of the defining events of our existence.

I like this but I have to tell you.  Personally, I hope I never finish my course.  I'm still running as fast as I can.
I don't know what the story is here but it's  got to be a sad one.   The coincidence of her name, Cheryl Potter, and Potters Field has  got to be more than serendipity, don't you think? 

And to wrap up my grave site tour I'll leave you with the Marine Corps.  No decent graveyard can exist without at least one or two if not hundred's of thousands of these headstones.  It's amazing but they keep turning out these guys, years and years, generations after generations.  God loves them all and I'm sure has a special place for them to go to.  555  I love Marines.  Did you ever hear the one about the Marine Master Sgt.....  Oh?  You did! 

All of this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Miguel de Cervantes in, "The Man of  La Mancha"
"I've seen my comrades fall in battle or die more slowly under the lash in Africa. I've held them in my arms at the final moment. These were men who saw life as it is, yet they died despairing. No glory, no brave last words, only their eyes, filled with confusion, questioning "Why?" I don't think they were wondering why they were dying, but why they had ever lived. When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? To surrender dreams - -this may be madness; to seek treasure where there is only trash. Too much sanity may be madness! But maddest of all - -to see life as it is and not as it should be."

I had one very happy experience at this Veterans Day ceremony.  I met 92 year old Major Roy Hudson.

A fascinating account of the British withdrawal at the Sittang Bridge, Burma, World War II can be found here.

Major Roy Hudson 1942

After the war Major
Hudson ended up spending
the next 50 years in
Thailand.  You can read
more about him and his
life in Thailand here.

Major Roy Hudson 2013

I'll end this post by playing another clip of Andrew McRady playing the pipes and also a photo of another classic Scotts man who attended the ceremony.   More to come on this and many other pressing subjects.

Andrew McRady a Scotts from America

This gentleman, Mr Denys Gardner, a piper himself in former years is just so classically Scotts I couldn't believe it when I saw him.  He's right out of "Central Casting" in Hollywood.  It turns out he's from the Quebec area of Canada and supposedly the whole bloody town he's from, (In French speaking Quebec) is Scottish.   Those Scotts sure do get around.  If your interested in more about the Scotts you should check out Arthur Herman's  book How The Scotts Invented The Modern World This is one of my favorite books of the last two or three years.  

Anyway, this expatriate Scotts was here today to lend his support and affection for those who gave their all.  And I for one was pleased to see him here.  (P.S.  I'm working on getting his name and will add it to the blog as soon as I have it.)  

The author and the piper.  So why do pipers walk while they play?  Well of course, to get away from the sound.