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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flooding Predicted To Flow Into Bangkok City Center

Many fear this will be all that remains of Bangkok if the flooding continues

Flooding has been a nationwide problem in Thailand for the last two months.  Up north, earlier this month, Chiang Mai Provence including the City Center and famous Night Market was flooded as we reported Here.   
Chiang Mai, City Center 
Fortunately, in the North most of the flooding has subsided. To give people a perspective on the situation in Thailand an analogy could be made between the flooding caused by Katrina in Louisiana and the flooding experienced in the provinces around Bangkok.  While the flooding is certainly terrible in the Midlands and South of Thailand, in the North of the country, there is no flooding at this time.

Unfortunately, many cities and provinces slightly North of Bangkok have been flooded for the last three or four weeks and continue to be underwarter.  Now it appears, according to the Bangkok Post and The Nation  Bangkok city center itself is under threat of flooding.   When I was there two weeks ago I saw sandbags at the entrance to many street level buildings like 7 Eleven stores.  Even the Wall Street Journal is reporting on significant flooding in the industrial areas surrounding Bangkok.

The new government of Ying Luck Shinawatra as reported Here by the Australian Press is under considerable pressure to "Do Something" to alleviate the flooding.  Many in the opposition Democratic party want her to declare a "State of Emergency".  However, so far she has resisted.  It is quite possible if a State of Emergency was declared it would be an opportunity by the Military to stage another coup, like the one that toppled the democratically elected government of her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, who remains in exile.

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Thai government is out of control to the flood "Leaao"...