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Monday, November 21, 2016

Fake News or just old fashioned Propaganda?

Update: I wanted to update my article on "Fake News" with a link to an article I read by a liberal blogger today that very articulately and much more thoroughly reflects my own position. The article by John Laurits can be found Here.  John highlights the dangers of what organizations like Google and Facebook are doing in including legitimate news sites like Breitbart, RedFlag, Info Wars, Red State and others. in their ban on Fake News when these sites are clearly NOT Fake News anymore than CNN is.  However, these sites do express a political viewpoint that Google and Facebook don't agree with.  The question is who decides what is "Fake" and what is Not.  Who determines it?  What criteria is used?

There have been a recent spate of articles on "Fake News". From CNN last week and now from PC World. Both outlets pretending to be the unvarnished, unbiased neutral third parties on what is and what isn't "Fake News. The PC World article on "Fake News" is so fake and misleading I almost had to vomit. How do they think they can get away with the blatant propaganda they put out? Didn't they learn anything from the election? Who's checking the Fact Checkers? And what's up with this PC World's pathetic excuse for an editor, Mark Hatchman? This individual is no journalist or editor. He admittedly conned his way into his current position. He claims to be an enthusiastic hiker but but one look at him and you can determine he hasn't been hiking in 10 or 20 years. If you can't trust his assertions about his own personal life, how can you rely on his published reporting?

Note: Update note. I noticed that the link to the photo I had in this article of Mark Hatchman was bad, i.e., no longer existed. Much to my chagrin and amazement it appears that Mr. Hatchman and or his agents and or Google systematically searched the web for all images of Mr. Hatchman and removed them. (Especially the ones showing him in his current state of as a rotund bloated, left wing, social justice warrior bloviate. So I was left with no recourse than to hurriedly draw a likeness of him. (See below) I know. I know. It's juvenile and pathetic. I'll make improvements in the not too distant future but this will act as a placeholder until that time.

Also, what's up with the term "Fake News" itself. Is that some spiffy new Leftist politically correct term? What's wrong with calling it propaganda, opinion or even wistful thinking? Who is going to be the arbitrator of what is fake and what is real? CNN? PC World? Zuckerberg's FaceBook staff or God help us, Mark Hatchman?

Look, most people are smart enough they don't need some "self appointed, ivy league, politically correct, adjunct professor of "human studies" to tell them what's propaganda and what isn't. The proof of my assertion is the result of this election. Despite a relentless and massive misinformation campaign by the democrats, and the Media (Same organization really.) The America people figured out for themselves that the Media and the Democrats, RINO Republicans, and Never Trumpers were lying to them. As the 1970's Rock and Rollers, The Who, once cried, We Don't get Fooled Again.  But it now appears that Google and Facebook and the Federal Government under Obama and the Democrats are determined to make sure we don't have free and unfettered access to any news or information we are interested in.  They want to "control" our access and determine for us what is and what isn't news.   This is never a good thing.

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