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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Drained of Empathy

Today I suffered through yet another thinly veiled anti President Trump story by NPR.  That's right another taxpayer funded NPR story on the "Poor".  I am so sick and tired of hearing about the poor.  I am "poured" out of empathy for the"poor".  For 8 years under Obama the "poor" didn't exist.

Suddenly, under a republican administration the "poor" are dragged out again like the Easter Bunny or Ground Hog to adorn the air of NPR and the pages of the New York Times.  Where was the "Poor in New Orleans" Katrina story when Obama was president?     Where was the reporting on the "poor" during the "Chimney Tops Wildfire" in Tennessee  in 2016?  It was non existent.   Did the "poor" receive adequate assistance during "Hurricane Matthew?  How will we ever know and can we sleep at night not knowing?  What did or didn't Obama do for the people of Haiti?   Speaking of Haiti, what did the Clinton's do for the people of Haiti and how much were they paid to "help the poor" of Haiti?
It's called Cherry Picking.  
The left picks the ripest, reddest, shiniest example that supports their narrative, their agenda and they run with it ignoring all other facts.  Please let's dispense with stories of the poor. The "poor" have become just another pawn for the left to manipulate in their never ending quest for power. I call for a moratorium on stories about the poor for the remainder of the President Trump administration, just like the moratorium that existed during Obama's.   I think I am not alone when I say thanks to America's so called "journalists" we have lost our appetite and interest in the "poor".   Let them eat cake at 7-Eleven with their EBT cards

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