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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Repeal New Neutrality. Call your congressmen and senators to voice your support for the repeal.

Internet the Future

Net neutrality is a misnomer.  There is nothing neutral about “Net Neutrality”.  

Net Neutrality is government control and government regulation of the Internet.  Most Liberals and Democrats (synonymous)  are so dogmatic and biased they follow the Democratic line even when it’s against their own self interest.  Their position on  Net Neutrality is no exception to this truth.

Answer me this?  How did the internet grow and survive before June 12,2015 when Obama instituted so called Net Neutrality?  

Now let me explain this to you.  On December 14, so called Net Neutrality will be repealed by chairman Pai  (Twitter Pai) and the Trump administration.  On December 15 and thereafter the internet and ISP’s big and small will continue to Thrive.  

Support a truly free internet. Get big government out of the people’s net.

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