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Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Fish in the Stew and a new Stew

Now that the election is over we are promised and we believe, there will be a sea change in American policies both domestic and international and in politics in our nation's capital that hasn't occurred since 1928 (With the exception briefly, by very narrow margins, in the Bush administration for a few months)   Without a doubt Republicans (conservatives) have not had such a massive mandate and control over power for almost 90 years.
New Fish, Same Sauce?
This historic change in America political power is without precedent and without argument, a total repudiation of President Barack Obama's last 8 years of failed policies and of weakening America's power and endangering America's safety at home and abroad.

It remains to be seen what Road Map will be established by the Trump Administration to correct and remedy the destruction 8 years of the Obama Administration's "fundamental transformation" of America.  Where do we start?

The current narratives and dialogue being floated in the Main Stream Media focus on eliminating or reforming Obama Care,

The President Trumps Transition Web Site  presents the following broad areas he intends to immedieatly address.

Defense & National Security
Immigration Reform & Building The Wall
Energy Independence

Tax Reform
Regulatory Reform
Trade Reform
Transportation & Infrastructure
Financial Services Reform

Healthcare Reform
Veterans Administration Reform
Protecting Americans' Constitutional Rights

And the Mainstream media is hell bent on taking the wheels off the Trump Train of Progress before it even leaves the Station.  We've seen a plethora of  purported "news" articles ranging from seemingly innocuous articles, by CNN offering advice on how to spot "Fake" news to out right libelous articles in the New York Times on President Elect Trumps cabinet selections especially of the appointment of Steven K Bannon as described in this interview in the Wall Street Journal.

Stay tuned.  The real crimes are about to be committed by the Obama Administration prior to his leaving office.

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