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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Where's the Beef?

Reading the headlines in the NYT and WaPo about President Trump that are billed as "bombshell" you would think there were some serious issues.  However, when you read past the lede and get into the meat of the articles you realize there is nothing there.  It's all journalistic histrionics designed to inflame the base of the left and discouraged and frighten the average President Trump voter.  There is no substance to any of the "reported" allegations.  But yet is continues day in and day out.  A relentless cacophony of shrill allegations that our President has committed some nefarious crime in cahoots with the Russians or violated our security laws or treated the FBI director unfairly when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.  

New Arsenal of Pejorative Adjectives. A simple nexus search reveals that since Mr. Trump begin his run for president the use of the following words in print has skyrocketed, "Outrage, Barbaric  (Used over 1,400,000 times in referenced to President Trump, Racist ( A close second) besieged, Epic". 

 And today the New York Times dusted off the word, "craven" in describing President Trump. Google News is now flooding my "customized" news feed with publications I had never seen before Trump begin his run for President. Against all my protests and "customization of my Google News feed I am being inundated with Articles by Vox, Daily Kos. etc. If I say I want to see news articles about Shawn Spicer, or Donald Trump or any other senior official in the Trump administration in my news feed I will receive none that are favorable, or from conservative publications like Breitbart or the Daily Caller, but more possibly from the Washington Post or NYT.

I wrote this some time ago and had saved it as a draft but today after seeing an article from the New York Times on what Special Prosecutor Mueller wants to ask President Trump.

I need a hair cut.  How about you.

Take care.  More to follow soon

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