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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bananas. Yes we have none!

"Yes, we have no bananas!"  

When you live in the tropics,( Tropics? Sounds exotic.) The subject "Bananas" has a whole new meaning.  June and July are very lean times for bananas in the tropics and if you're accustomed to imbibing, swallowing, chewing, or cavorting with natures imperfect fruit in any form you will suddendly miss these delectable berries, (yes I said berries. Technically speaking they are  berries.)

 It's late July and slowly but invariably you realize how fond of them you are. You say to yourself, upon awaking, "Hey, seriously I need a banana!"   However, come August and September your sense of panic recedes and you realize we are shortly to be inunudated with those slippery greenish yellow fragile tuberous looking berries again.  I digress but God bless the tropics, and more specitifally the Tropic of Cancer,( What is the Tropic of Cancer ?) and God Bless Henry Miller too for writing the bloody book. (Which has little to do with bananas or Manhood for that matter.)

Back to Bananas. They start with beautiful elongated purplish flowers with stamens that eventually turn into the banana fruit.  I've captured a few of the delightful rascals below for your entertainment.

 She has a strong feminine colour and appearance and in their infancy she shrewdly protects her male offspring at her foundation.
See the little stamens?  Almost little men but still clinging to their feminine flowers.
Now only tiny little fellows but soon to be a size any man would be proud of.

And you thought "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" was entertaining.

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