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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Real Hands Up Don't Shoot

In the aftermath of the Mr Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri and the demonstrably false Democratic Party, Obama Administration and Media narrative that Mr. Brown had his hands up in the "Don't Shoot" position. And given the current wave of antisemitism spreading across the globe, fueled by radical Muslim's, and a compliant media we thought we would provide a reminder to everyone of an earlier, real and more tragic, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" event that took place in 1942 in Warsaw, Poland.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hero's of Yala

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veterans Day November 11, 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand Foreign Cemetary

If your a foreigner living, biding time, dying, or dead, in Chiang Mai,Thailand your always welcome here.

The Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery

It was during the turn of the century around 1898 or 2441 in Thai years that King Rama the Fifth granted a plot of land, not far from the banks of the Ping River, on what is now prime Chiang Mai real estate, to be used as a graveyard for foreigners.  The grant had two conditions.  One, the plot could never be sold.  But I'm sure a good lawyer from America (And I mean good in the worst sense of the word.) could argue that the King's grant didn't preclude a 100 year lease or rental to a development company.  Fortunately that hasn't happened yet. But, I digress.  The second condition was that only "Foreigners" or "Farang", or more closely in Thai,  ฝรั่ง [faràŋ] may be buried there.  Thanks to the King's decree the cemetery exists and foreigners have been buried here since the 1900's.  And so we find ourselves here today at a cemetery!  A cemetery in a Buddhist country where almost everyone is cremated.   King Rama must have chuckled and thought it an exceedingly strange custom for "Farang" to bury themselves in the ground.  But, I for one, am grateful he indulged us our idiosyncrasies.

Plenty of room for more foreigners.

Why are we here today and what is the real subject of my post?  Today, November 11, 2013, we the living, took time out of our busy lives to honor those fighting men that came before us and who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  

This was a wonderful service supported by the Friends of the Royal British Legion, the American Veterans of Foreign Wars and both the British and American Counsels in Chiang Mai. Local schools, also supported and attended the ceremonies as did Chiang Mai government organizations and the local expatriot population and local Thai citizens.   Several prayers and words of reflection on life and war were read and it was good to hear these things and reflect upon them.  I think we were also here to honor those who are currently serving and in harms way.  I say this from the perspective of a father who has a daughter serving with US Army special operations in Afghanistan, a son-in-law in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan and a son who is a Navy Pilot on duty keeping an eye on the Chinese in one of our newest P3 aircraft and recently sent off searching for the missing MH370 Malaysian Airline.  I'd almost like to say I qualify for the Saving Private Ryan exemption. Sole Survivor Policy

The days events, for me were framed by the presence and music played by my friend, Mr. Andrew McRady, (a good Scotts man), former Head Master of Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) and current director or alumni affairs at CMIS who played the pipes throughout the ceremony to keep us all in a reflective mood.

Andrew McRady plays the bagpipes

Also performing at the Tribute was a Thai soldier, (I believe the equivalent of a sergeant in the US Army ) who played the Thai version of Taps which was quite beautiful and melancholy.
Go ahead, have a listen and let me know what you think.

There was another Falang, who I assume was American who played "Revelie" on the trumpet but I failed to record it or to get his name.  For that I do apoligize.  However if your in the mood for a good rendition of "Reveille" you can find it here.

After the ceremony had concluded I walked around and visited several of the grave sites   I must admit graveyards have been alluring to me since I was a young boy at Barbour Hall Military academy, in Nazareth Michigan.   

At the Chiang Mai Foreigners Cemetery  as with any cemetery you explore you will find many graves with words of love and affection for the deceased and a few with voices that reach out to the audience.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" has meaning here and you can tell from the "murderous hands" inscription there is still allot of healing that needs to occur.

This has to be one of the very first foreign graves at Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery, possibly just after King Rama made his royal proclamation.  

Oh those "Flying Tigers" they get a bad name today in the revisionist histories written by our liberal press but were't they really some swashbuckling dare or die heroes?  I think they were. 

 I would love to have met these gentlemen.  You can read about their exploits here and here.

This was my fathers generation.  He too served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  We are truly defined by our service, actions, deeds and accomplishments.  Our memories and the memories of those who knew us somehow summarize many of the defining events of our existence.

I like this but I have to tell you.  Personally, I hope I never finish my course.  I'm still running as fast as I can.
I don't know what the story is here but it's  got to be a sad one.   The coincidence of her name, Cheryl Potter, and Potters Field has  got to be more than serendipity, don't you think? 

And to wrap up my grave site tour I'll leave you with the Marine Corps.  No decent graveyard can exist without at least one or two if not hundred's of thousands of these headstones.  It's amazing but they keep turning out these guys, years and years, generations after generations.  God loves them all and I'm sure has a special place for them to go to.  555  I love Marines.  Did you ever hear the one about the Marine Master Sgt.....  Oh?  You did! 

All of this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Miguel de Cervantes in, "The Man of  La Mancha"
"I've seen my comrades fall in battle or die more slowly under the lash in Africa. I've held them in my arms at the final moment. These were men who saw life as it is, yet they died despairing. No glory, no brave last words, only their eyes, filled with confusion, questioning "Why?" I don't think they were wondering why they were dying, but why they had ever lived. When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? To surrender dreams - -this may be madness; to seek treasure where there is only trash. Too much sanity may be madness! But maddest of all - -to see life as it is and not as it should be."

I had one very happy experience at this Veterans Day ceremony.  I met 92 year old Major Roy Hudson.

A fascinating account of the British withdrawal at the Sittang Bridge, Burma, World War II can be found here.

Major Roy Hudson 1942

After the war Major
Hudson ended up spending
the next 50 years in
Thailand.  You can read
more about him and his
life in Thailand here.

Major Roy Hudson 2013

I'll end this post by playing another clip of Andrew McRady playing the pipes and also a photo of another classic Scotts man who attended the ceremony.   More to come on this and many other pressing subjects.

Andrew McRady a Scotts from America

This gentleman, Mr Denys Gardner, a piper himself in former years is just so classically Scotts I couldn't believe it when I saw him.  He's right out of "Central Casting" in Hollywood.  It turns out he's from the Quebec area of Canada and supposedly the whole bloody town he's from, (In French speaking Quebec) is Scottish.   Those Scotts sure do get around.  If your interested in more about the Scotts you should check out Arthur Herman's  book How The Scotts Invented The Modern World This is one of my favorite books of the last two or three years.  

Anyway, this expatriate Scotts was here today to lend his support and affection for those who gave their all.  And I for one was pleased to see him here.  (P.S.  I'm working on getting his name and will add it to the blog as soon as I have it.)  

The author and the piper.  So why do pipers walk while they play?  Well of course, to get away from the sound.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

China Launches new Aircraft Carrier. Why?

China has been a very busy boy lately.   As we can see here they have gone and built themselves a new Aircraft carrier fashioned  after one of ours and built obviously with Technology they "borrowed" from America.   See here.

This big "boat" will be home ported out of Dalian in Liaoning Provence.  Reuters has reported on the deployment of this new aircraft carrier here.  But no one seems really concerned about it as a threat to our dominance over the seaways.   Reuters even hauled out one of their experts Andrew Erickson to reassure us everything would be OK.  Mr. Erickson does have an impressive resume but he seems a little too trusting and naive to me.  But what do I know.  I've only lived in in Asia for 10 years with 20 million homogenious Asians who are suspicious of all "foreigners".  I'm sure the Chinese just want this Aircraft Carrier for research.  We shouldn't give it a second thought.
But...When you go into the voting booth this November ask yourself what US Administration would you trust to counter this threat to our national security and position as leader of the free world?  Do you think you'd want to put our lives in the hands of the current administration that bows to foreign powers such as China, Japan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria, (Have I forgotten anyone?)  and that has turned over all of the Middle East to radical Islam.  Or maybe a republican administration might be better equipped.  Personally I'd feel safer in the hands of a republican administration that will reinvigorate our military and stand up to these threats. 

 Unrelated to this post on the New Chinese Aircraft carrier are some great photos of the oil spill clean up of Dalian harbor here at acidcow.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friends of Obama

Folks we don't make these things up.   But eventually when your words are on record they come back to haunt you.   The video tape you are about to see is a tape of a friend of President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama, calling for the killing of white people.  Not just white males but white women, children and babies.   Sound similar to some of the thinking that goes on over in South Africa today?  Well this friend of President Obama wants the same "white ethnic cleansing" in America.  

The man with the microphone calls himself,Khalid Muhammad.  He was born as Harold Moore in 1948.  If your interested you can read all about him here.  Khalid Muhammad was a close confidant and friend of Derrick Bell.  Derrick Bell is the man you can see Obama embracing in the Video below.  

You hear the speaker in the voice over on this video admitting they hid the video from the media before Obama was elected the first time because they knew it would hurt his chances of getting elected.  Why?   Because Derrick Bell and Khalid Muhammad were two peas in a pod and their belief's and philosophy's mirrored one another.  You can read more about Derrick Bell's exploits and his past and current connection to President Obama at PowerLine

I know allot of you in Asia don't get this news or understand why many American's are in fear of losing their country as they've come to know it but this is why.     And this is why we must defeat President Obama in the next election in November 2012.  If Obama isn't defeated America will cease to exist as we know it.

You know why Obama lies so much and has no problem with deceiving the American People?  It is because, as his Muslim faith teaches him, according to the Koran, it's acceptable to lie in furtherance of the goals of Islam.   Obama is a Muslim and has said as much himself.  Only now he lies about it.   Listen to this video below.

Now if all this were not enough and if you need any more convincing watch the CBS News Video on the evidence showing the President Obama's selective service registration and his "long form" birth certificate are forgeries.   This is not old evidence but new evidence from a press briefing March 2012.


Thai Economy Worst Than Expected...But Predicted Accurately Here at Naam Bplah Not at Reuters

As revealed three weeks ago at  the Wall Street Journal and several other financial media outlets including Reuters Thai GDP is expected to drop again.  This is a surprise and a shock to the main stream financial outlets?  Why?

As we predicted here at Naam Bplah back in October and November 2011 while everyone else was expecting the Thai Economy to rebound and recover from the Floods easily we were not so optimistic.

Take a look at this revised chart,j courtesy of the WSJ on Thailand's GDP from 2010 to 4th Quarter 2011.  Amazing Thailand

We at Naam Bplah do not put as much faith in the current stimulus plans of the Thai Government as Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.  In fact we expect the Thai Stimulus efforts to have about as much effect as Obama's stimulus plan has had on the American economy and on businesses such as Solyndra and Beacon Power.  Oh in case your wondering...that would be no positive effect and in fact a long term increase in the national debt and a sure road to increasing the national debt.  As I said the Obama plan and the Thai stimulus plan are very similar.  Or as we say in Thailand,  "Same Same but different." 

There is one thing Thailand could do to spur it's economy on and that would be to open their country to foreign ownership of businesses and land.  Both by businesses and by individuals.  Currently, "foreigners" can't own land in Thailand and business opportunities are very restrictive and unfavorable to foreign investors.

As reported here  the IMF says they expect "Robust" GDP for Thailand in 2012 due to their "appropriate" stimulus efforts.   You have to wonder who's getting their pockets lined in these deals.  It's almost as if the IMF is in on the take.

Again the big undecided factor in Thailand's economy, social structure and political future, and the one factor no one is talking about is the health of the Great, wonderful and well respected leader of Thailand.  The worlds longest reigning monarch.  

There are two companies in particular we'd like to point out and recommend as potential investments in Thailand despite their fragile economy.  The first is, Bangkok Bank.  We are not alone in this recommendation.  Here you will find a very successful and aggressive Asian Trader recommending the same.

The other company we like, if only for their product is Mama Noodle.  You can't be a real Thai investor unless you have a little Mama in your portfolio.   That's all for today.  

Tomorrow we have an exciting story coming in about a deranged British Missionary in Chiang Mai, Thailand who is operating a scam church for his own enrichment and appetite.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rolling again with Chevy Volt

We thought we'd get things rolling again here at Naam Bplah with a little spoof on the Chevy Volt commercial that first appeared at PowerLine.


Saturday, March 03, 2012

Down On Knee But Not Beaten. The First of Possibly Many Strange Enigmatic Messages from Naam Bplah

Here at Naam Bplah we have been struggling to get back to our posting and apologize to our daily readers for our absence.  Due to unforeseen political, personal, and international perturbations in our realm of influence we have been forced away to other tasks.

Yes sports fans the rats are after us but they didn't quite get the cheese.

Or  if you prefer another metaphor,  "We are indeed up to our ass in alligators

I could go on but suffice it to say...  We were "down for the count" as Howard Cosell was fond of saying to Cassius Clay  but we are up on one knee again ready to make our comeback.   Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Boy Obama Meets A Real Man, China's Xi Jinping

We have to leave it up to the small town of  Muscatine in the State of Iowa to welcome back the future leader of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping.(photo courtesy of Chinadaily)
Vice President Xi Jinping, (pronounced, shee jin ping  Say it quickly) is 58 years old.  His family suffered under the purges during the cultural revolution.  He has a wealth of personal and professional experience navigating successfully in life as a politician,world leader and as a decent human being.  America should have paid more attention to his visit.  At least in Iowa they know who pays the bills and who to pay attention to.
This is a news story of significant and certainly historical consequences and it got, not surprisingly, little to no news coverage in America with the exception of the Wall Street Journal and a few other publications.   For the most part it was, shall we say, "over shadowed" by the more important coverage of Whitney Houston's death and the Obama administration and democrat party agenda to foist the red herring of abortion and birth control alarm on the American left.

I cringe at the thought that Vice President Xi had to suffer through these "grip and grin" photo sessions with this fool and illegitimate President.  (photo courtesy of Chinadaily)

An open letter to Vice President Xi,  "One day soon, maybe when you are President of China, we too will have a new president of your stature and intelligence.  Until then,  we all bow in shame and embarrassment that you must suffer with this idiot.  We, as citizens of the United States, do hereby promise to do better in selecting a leader, the next time. Respectfully yours, All right thinking people in America."

We are pleasantly surprised that Vice President Xi looks poised to become the next leader of China.  As we reported previously here at Naam Bplah we thought the next leader might be General Lin Yuan.  Had General Yuan become the next leader this would not have been good news for America.  Fortunately it looks like our contacts high within the Chinese military industrial complex were correct X is in and Y is out.  Why is X better for the USA than Y you may ask?   As described in the link above Y is old school and an old time Commie Military type and X is really a CINO (Commie In Name Only) who's family belongs to the "Prince Party".  The Pince Party are not militarily agressive people and they are focused on the domestic issues in China.  In fact I suspect they may all be closet capitalists.  But on top of all that why do we like X over Y?

Xi's wife is very attractive and famous in China.  More famous even than her husband.  She is none other than Peng Liyuan.

That's right gentlemen.  We like Xi and we love Xi's wife.  Now to put the cherry on top of the cake.  Here's the hot news.  They have a daughter.  She's hot too, of course, but more importantly she goes to Harvard.  Her name is Xi Mingze (习明泽).  She's 20 years old and her nick name is Xiao Muzi (小木子).  

Above in top photo we find her in blue or is that an aqua blouse with some of her girlfriends from Harvard.  Just above this caption she is in black in a more formal and somber pose.

We here at Naam Bplah welcome and applaud  Xi's rise to power.  We just hope those mushy liberal professors at Harvard don't fill little Xi Mingze head with too much liberal socialist propaganda.  And again, our apologies to her father for having to suffer Obama.

Finally, in honor of the New Year and Dragon's we have some never published before original artwork on Namm Bplah commemorating the New Year.  

Here we have a fanciful dragon ready to strike.

This may look familiar to some as it is an original sketch from the artwork of the 2012 Chinese Stamp.

That's it for today.  Keep your comments and contributions coming our staff of researchers and this artwork isn't cheap.  

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Petite Retreat To The Banks Of The Ping River

The Mighty Ping as it makes its way through the heart of Chiang Mai
We apologize  to our audience members who follow us only for our political commentary and give you a promise to return to the fray as soon as we arrive back in the land of milk and honey   We did put our toes back in the water for a few days to cover some of the Republican Primary shenanigans and quest for delegates in Florida but have decided to retreat for a day and bring you some enchanting scenes from a short day trip along the banks of the Ping River.  After this weeks Ping River trip we will be heading to Bangkok, Narita, Japan and then the formally great industrial city of Detroit.   But now for a few minutes enjoy the view from the Ping river of the farm land and rice fields and people who caress it's banks.
A few kilometers outside of the city we found a small paved private road that leads out to the banks of the Ping with a view of a luxurious estate on the opposite bank.  This property could be had at a very modest price.

There is only one problem with this dream.  Foreigners can't
 own property. I often think how that law would 
fly in America.

Thai citizens can own land in 
America but the favor isn't reciprocated.

Many small flower farms dot the land on the banks adjoining the Ping.

These yellow mums don't look like much out in the field.  Really not all that beautiful.

Ok so there is some beauty in the shear uniformity and pride of these simple statements of man's taming of nature.

Ah, but when you put them all together then you really have quite a bouquet!  I called these "Mum"s earlier but Thai's call them "Ben Sat Mas" flowers.

These tiny white little flowers young Thai girls are fond of adonring their hair with are called "Yip So".

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romney Orchestrates Elimination of Conservative Alan West's Florida Senate Seat. Bonus Story: The Romney/Saul Alinski Connection

We open the blog today with a few shots of  Romney and RINO Ex Florida Governor Charlie, "It's a nice gig if you can keep it" Crist.  I think they both go to the same hair dresser. (It's the same guy John Edwards used to go to.)


Not only is Romney pals with Christ but he's hired on many of Crist's staff.

As we documented here back in September of 2011 Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, through his operatives has been interfering in Florida Politics for quite some time.

Now we understand the stakes are higher for Romney.  It's not just a "do or die" to win Florida.  Which Romney thought he already had in the bag by having Florida State Senator Thrasher head up the GOP campaign to move up the Florida primary and thereby reducing the number of available delegates which would favor Romney.  (See my original post here for a detailed explanation.)  Now the goal is to take out the threat from Neut Gingrich and any other true conservatives like Freshman Senator Alan West by eliminating the district he serves in.

Senator Alan West  
Rush Limbaugh talked about this today on his show as did several others who's comments were pretty much superfluous by the time Rush had dissected the issue. (Little Rush humor there.)  The only thing I have attempted to do here to day is to add the background of Romney's Liberal upbringing, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." and his earlier meddling in Florida politics through Senator Thrasher and others.

Romney doesn't appear to suffer from probity or an over abundance of integrity.   The real question is do we want a another president who believes the "ends justify the means",  We have one of those in the White House now and it appears the GOP is on the verge of facilitating the nomination of another candidate with little or no integrity, Mr. Mitt Romney.  

I grew up in Michigan when Mitt's father was Governor and I know what I'm talking about.  George Romney was an old time RINO Liberal Republican as documented here by Conservative Byte  and here by BuzzFeed,  "When Romney met Saul Alinsky.  These people are all cut from the same cloth and I fear will eventually take us down the same road.

Photo from the "Viral History Blog
Romney senior is really saying here,  "One day son, if you play your cards right, this will all by yours."

Video from the Coffee with Ken blogspot

This is a great video of George Romney, Mitts father explain his "flip flop" on support for the war in Vietnam.  The Brainwashing comment lost him the election.  It was actually an innocent comment but the word, "Brainwashing" had allot of heavy duty baggage associated with it back in the 1960's.  For many, if you were susceptible to brainwashing you were considered "weak",  Real men, real soldiers, couldn't be brain washed.  It was the wrong word to use for sure.

But we digress.  This has nothing to do with our current Romney, or does it?

One thing we all can do right away is to make a donation to Florida State Senator Allen West for Congress.  

Commercial Break:  And while you've got your wallet out you could make a donation to this blog also to help us cover our expenses bringing you the latest in commentary from Asia.  Or if you can't make a donation why not go shopping in our store.

Regardless of all our complaining here and now about the course of the GOP primary activities and antics.   We all know what to do in November right? 

The audience for this video was the voters of the 2010 mid term elections.  Those voters did what had to be done and we routed the democrats.  Now the same must be done in 2012.

I have to retract what I said previously about Rush having the final word on this subject.  I just ran across the most comprehensive and complete handling of this issue at The Conservative Tree House  and it's a great read.  A must see.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

IT World Canada, Supports View The EU Should Prevent a Google/Motorola Merger

IT World Canada Spreads the Word, 

"Google is Evil".

Evil Google copyright Naam Bplah by Troy

Friday, IT World Canada published a story on a so called "Consumer Advocacy Group" that is petitioning the European Union, supposedly, on behalf of "World Consumers" to prevent Google from acquiring Motorola.  We're not privy to who these "consumers" are or how many of them Consumer Watchdog represents.  That fact is not stated in the "IT World Canada" article or at "Consumer Watchdog's" web site. 

It is perfectly legitimate for IT World Canada to publish this story.  I only draw attention to it here on Naam Bplah because they fail to properly identify this so called "consumer advocacy group" for what it really is.   It is a radical leftist organization. The current president, Mr. Jamie Court is an avowed leftist progressive, who wrote "The Progressives Guide to Raising Hell" and who makes Saul Alinski look like a piker.

These people are way, way out on the fringe far left and by failing to properly identify them as such "IT World Canada" misleads its readers into thinking this is some kind of main stream unbiased, apolitical group.   "IT World Canada" gives, "Standing and legitimacy" to "Consumer Watchdog" by failing to tell their readers its agenda and background.   

It might have been more appropriate if "IT World Canada" had raised the issue of how or why a US based group like "Consumer Watchdog" even has legal standing to file a brief with the EU and to explain why the EU would even allow the brief for consideration. "IT World Canada" fails to bring up either of these points.

Every member of the staff of "Consumer Watchdog" supports the US Democrat party, radical factions of the labor unions including the self professed communist SEIU, Obama Supported, union.   Several of the leaders and founders of "Consumer Watchdog" are self professed members of the socialist and communist party. I would provide as an example, the founders Harvey Rosenfield and Chic Wolk. The former is an old Ralph Nader radial hack and the later is a card carrying member of the ACLU.   In addition to "Consumer Watchdog's political agenda they are also just flat wrong and deliberately inaccurate in their charges against Google as documented here in Wired.

These leftist organizations, (Hiding in sheep's clothing as "consumer advocacy groups") are trying to kill the most successful, job creating and economic work horses we have in America. The main stream media in America and Canada aids and abet's them by coyly pretending they don't know what's going on.  

If this was a conservative organization "IT World Canada" and all the other main stream media publications would take great pains to point out it's political affiliation to their readers.   Why don't the same standards apply when they report on the initiatives and actions of their liberal friends? Well we both know why don't we? It's because educating their readers to the ubiquitous and pervasive radical leftist agenda would undermine it.

What can be done?  I urge you to write the author, Ms Jennifer Baker of IT World Canada and call her on her failure to appropriately inform her readers.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Fast and Furious Look around the Chiang Mai Market on Chinese New Year 2012

Dateline: January 22, 2012  Location: Chiang Mai Market  Event: Chinese New Year.

We had a few scant hours today in between shuttling children to creative art class at 10:00AM and performance Magic Class with the Amazing Jonathan Omejang of  ProStar Magic so we decided to take a look around at the Chinese New Years goings on at the local Market. 

Here is our "fast and furious" photo extravaganza for your entertainment.  I promise our regular viewers we will return to our usual in depth and riveting political reporting in the next post.

Today we enter into the Market through the old Chinese Gates and pay homage to the dragon spirits in this year of the dragon and we say a little prayer for our family and friends both with us and who have passed into the unknown and unseen.

Nice Ride.  
I bet the boys in New York City would love this.

It is strawberry season in Thailand and we have strawberries everywhere.

Yes, let's take another look at those strawberries.  Yum or Aroi as we say here.

What Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year photo 
layout would be complete without a photo of 
Dragon Fruit?

"Let's just take this little worm off while she's not looking and these will be perfect!"

Looks can be deceiving.  I actually purchased 2 kilo of these little 
Chinese oranges from this lady and she was delightful and charming.
 I caught her herewith a pensive expression. 

As Montie Python would say, "We certainly have some tasty comestibles here."
 That certainly brings to mind that wonderful old cheese shop skit.

"Beam me up, Scotty!"  I love the juxtaposition
 of the old and the new technology and the ease
with which most older folks can keep pace.

Leaving the Temple with hopes of a prosperous New Years."Sawasdee Pee Mai Krup."

Now if I was a knitting man I'd take her up a
couple of meters of this yarn. "A penny for a
spool of thread, A penny for a needle.  That's
the way the money goes, Pop! goes the weasel."

There are some great cloth merchants in this section of the market.  Everyone puts on a sale for the Chinese New Year.

Shirley Temple...eat your 
heart out. This little cutie
just might take your place.

This is one spunky little girl. 

"That was so...so...good!"

Not everyone was happy to see me.   Winning the hearts and minds of the locals isn't easy work.

I'll be you 100 Baht she's ethnic Chinese and Thai mixed.

The obligatory dragon makes his appearance.

From the way this little girl was giving me the "eye"
and trying to nonchalantly get her father's attention
I came to the conclusion he must have been
a Afghan freedom fighter on R&R from Kabul.
Home for the holidays, so to speak.  Note:
He still appears to be at least partially in uniform. 

And I bet you never knew there were over 40,000 
different types of rice in the world did you? 
 Types of Rice

This is where you go when you want to bring home the bacon. This isn't Poh's butchery but you can get the same stuff here allot less expensively.

And since it is the New Year and the spirit of
good will is with us it doesn't hurt to
acknowledge the truely needy and lend them
a hand when you can.

There is nothing like a glass of fresh cold coconut milk and chunks of coconut meat over ice on a hot day.  Great Stuff!

I talked to this gentleman for a while, the
best I could, and he's seen more history and
seen more changes in the world than
most people can imagine.  He get's my vote for 
the first "Naam Bplah" hard worker award for 2012.

Well that's it folks for the Holidays from this part of the world.  We'll be hitting it hard and heavy it the political end of things in the next few weeks to come.  Stay tuned.  And make a contribution to our site if you can so we can continue to bring your these fascinating reports from Asia and beyond.

Let's keep our eyes open and aware this
 year.  It's a dangerous world out there.