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Sunday, November 13, 2016

America Demonstrates It's Greatness . Freedom Rings!

The subtitle of this post should be, "You can't wipe out 240 years of self reliant, limited government  republican philosophy in 8 years of Democratic Party hegemony.  Although, they came close we pulled this one out by the hair of our electoral ass.  God bless the Founding Fathers for that and for preventing our destruction by a Ochlocracy or Mob Rule.

I still can't believe he actually won!
We are still absorbing this.  What a glorious day.
Republican's haven't controlled both houses of congress and the Executive branch since my mother was a baby in 1928.  I've been waiting for this since my first child was 5 years old in 1989 and President Reagan left office
My daughter said to me, "I thought if McCain and Romney couldn't do it against Obama, Trump wouldn't hold up against Clinton... but I guess people have had enough!"  She's spot on the money. and very insightful for a millennial at that. LOL

McCain and Romney were just "milk toast" more of the same, middle of the road with appeasement policies.  Millions of Americans had just given up on voting.  I personally know many guys who over the years just told me it didn't matter.  They didn't bother to vote.  Trump has at least ignited a fire in people, if nothing else. He has awakened and brought a new Vantage Point that is different from politicians that surround him and proceed him.
Trump appealed to the  disaffected and the long term unemployed and that includes millions of minorities.  For the first time they saw something genuine and honest and refreshing and thed decided to vote and give this guy a chance.  If another Bush had won the nomination, or even Rubio, we would have lost to Hillary.  Only a candidate like Trump who could galvanize the working men and women of America.

As Superman used to say,  "Up up and Away"  America is on a new path to success and greatness if we can subdue the vicious, hate mongering liberal hoard and the 4th estate.

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