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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Is Google Home blocking music with Christian content?

  Least you think I'm a conspiracy theorist you should check out this article in Us News and World report.  Hardly a right wing magazine. US News and World Report  Or just Google the phrase "google has become the internet  censor"  The results are pretty conclusive.  

Additionally, I do know that Google Home isn't or wasn't designed to work outside of the US, Canada or the UK.  My "Google Home" informed me of that when I hooked it up and it detected my IP address.  It said something like, "I might not work or I wasn't designed to work..." but it does work pretty well. However the censorship part about music, really has less to do with Google Home and more to do with who your Google Home is "linked" to,  Pandora, Spotify, or Google Play.  In my case Google Play,  (Which IS designed and advertised to work in Thailand)   I didn't make that clear in my initial post.  The Google Home is just a conduit through which Google Play provides "content". and I think, as I've demonstrated elow also censors that content based on location and, as far as I can tell not for copy-write or licensing issues. I'm pretty sure, "Jesus Loves Me" is public domain. 

Google Home not so friendly to Christian Homes

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