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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Last Minute Election Toughts for my fellow Americans

As a young man growing up in the 1950's and 60's I remember watching William F. Buckley on TV.

 I watched it on Saturday or Sunday in the late afternoon or evening with my step father.  Buckley was an icon of common sense, logic and brilliance. He was revered in our house.  Now, I think it  improbable or at least unusual that a 14 year old would enjoy "Firing Line" but I enjoyed it immensely. I could switch from watching episodes of "Combat and  then become transfixed by Buckley talking on any subject.  Christopher Hitchens and Buckley   Unfortunately, I cannot find very early episodes of Firing Line.  But I offer you some interesting video's such as this one on with Hitchens above and on, Ayn Rand.

Later in the 1970's in college I recall someone remarking about WFB's debate skills by saying, "He can debate with such elan that he makes the argument itself seem superfluous. "  I love that line.  I reminds me of something Oscar Wilde might have said and it was spot on regarding Buckley.

Where am I going with this and why or how it it related to the election tomorrow?  Good question.  Here's the answer.  In all my life William F Buckley is the only talking head, the only political commentator who in a dialogue or debate, when challenged or confronted with a viewpoint or argument that contradicted his own, would say,  "Interesting point.  I hadn't considered that before"   How refreshing!  Have you ever heard a talking head, Republican or Democrat ever say anything like that today?  No you haven't.

For the last year I have been talking to my family and friends and even vague acquaintances.  I've asked them, "What informs you?" I've tried to engage them in wholesome friendly debate.   Frequently, this entrete on my part has resulted in, at best intransigence or at worse I am accused of being hateful.  It seems today if you disagree with a liberal it's considered hateful for some reason that escapes me.

I believe I have failed to convince even one human being to consider or even entertain for a second a change in their position and vote for the Republican candidate.  It strikes me that their reluctance is a visceral, dogmatic irrational position.  No amount of cajoling or friendly debate results in a "William F Buckley" type response, "Ah yes... good point, I hadn't considered that"

There was a time in America where people could be reached and convinced to modify or consider other viewpoints but I fear we have lost that ability.  When young people today are confronted with ideas or concepts and viewpoints they are not familiar with, instead of considering them and having a WFB moment, they just freeze up, go into panic mode and revert to accusing their questioner of "triggering" speech or "hate" speech.

Tomorrow's election will be decided by these snowflakes who are incapable of making decisions for themselves.  I fear the republic is lost.  This is especially true because most American's don't even know they live in a republic.

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