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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Teachers and Public Schools

The patina of sainthood I once allocated to school teachers was lost when I saw the modern day "union thug" school teachers rioting in Wisconsin earlier this year.
It seems to me that teachers don't teach much anymore. Rather they dispense government propaganda on subjects ranging from Global Warming, Gay Rights and the rights of illegal immigrants and other "protected classes" to alleged genocide and environmental damage the United States has caused the world to suffer since this country was founded. They encourage students to report on their parents for anything from having legal weapons in the house to smoking tobacco. (I don't own weapons or smoke. But I have had 2 children in "government" schools and know first hand what's going on these days.) Teacher salaries, pensions and benefits are very nice by anyone's standard.

They certainly aren't in it for the kids these days. A 100,000 a year pension is very generous.

Did you know that as a parent you must affirmatively opt out of many government programs at public schools. I have in mind health testing here. If you don't state in writing that you do not wish to have your child tested for "eye exams and OTHER health services" your 12 year old daughter could receive abortion counseling and an abortion without your consent. Schools offer and provide a plethora of services today from breakfast, lunch and dinner food services to eye, dental and other "health services to various psychological services. All of these programs have noting to do with education.

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