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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan a common theme

I've tried to clear up my original post here today.

Admittedly the message of my original post was somewhat fuzzy.  I should say, up front here,  that I supported the war in Vietnam and I also supported both President Bush I and II's desision to invade Iraq.

Click Here  wait a few minutes for the song to play. Close your eyes and think about it.

Regardless of how you stand on the US involvement in either conflict I think you'll agree our soldiers make some tremendous sacrifices.  The decisions and actions they take on the battlefield can not only restult in losing their lives but in completely and irrevocably altering their lives.  That result is poignantly brought home in this song.   Originally by Kenny Rodgers but now by some punk upstart band called the Killers.  This is a  damn good rendition of it if I do say so myself. Good on ya boys. Ya done Kenny proud.

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