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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thailand Works Out

What I observe here. What I experience is that Thai people, in general, are much more healthy than Americans. Even Thai's who aren't healthy on purpose but are healthy just because they are poor and have to work their ass off. In Thailand even office workers and blue collar workers make a major effort to stay in shape. It is not uncommon to see large groups of Thai's doing aerobic exercise daily after work in a shopping mall or parking lot. You would never see this in America. Most Falangs I see here are disgusting fat pigs and it America it's even worse.  See below.

An American, on welfare food stamps and so fat she can't even walk.   How do I know she had food stamps?  I saw her talking to her mother and checking to make sure she had the convenient "debit type" food stamp card in her purse.  I wanted to spank this girl but decided it could be dangerous.

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AZurek said...

Very True..That is something I saw in Vietnam as well. Every morning and every evening people would gather in downtown Hanoi (and I'm sure many other places across the country) to partake in aerobics while the sun was not at its peak.