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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romney Orchestrates Elimination of Conservative Alan West's Florida Senate Seat. Bonus Story: The Romney/Saul Alinski Connection

We open the blog today with a few shots of  Romney and RINO Ex Florida Governor Charlie, "It's a nice gig if you can keep it" Crist.  I think they both go to the same hair dresser. (It's the same guy John Edwards used to go to.)

Not only is Romney pals with Christ but he's hired on many of Crist's staff.

As we documented here back in September of 2011 Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, through his operatives has been interfering in Florida Politics for quite some time.

Now we understand the stakes are higher for Romney.  It's not just a "do or die" to win Florida.  Which Romney thought he already had in the bag by having Florida State Senator Thrasher head up the GOP campaign to move up the Florida primary and thereby reducing the number of available delegates which would favor Romney.  (See my original post here for a detailed explanation.)  Now the goal is to take out the threat from Neut Gingrich and any other true conservatives like Freshman Senator Alan West by eliminating the district he serves in.

Senator Alan West  
Rush Limbaugh talked about this today on his show as did several others who's comments were pretty much superfluous by the time Rush had dissected the issue. (Little Rush humor there.)  The only thing I have attempted to do here to day is to add the background of Romney's Liberal upbringing, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." and his earlier meddling in Florida politics through Senator Thrasher and others.

Romney doesn't appear to suffer from probity or an over abundance of integrity.   The real question is do we want a another president who believes the "ends justify the means",  We have one of those in the White House now and it appears the GOP is on the verge of facilitating the nomination of another candidate with little or no integrity, Mr. Mitt Romney.  

I grew up in Michigan when Mitt's father was Governor and I know what I'm talking about.  George Romney was an old time RINO Liberal Republican as documented here by Conservative Byte  and here by BuzzFeed,  "When Romney met Saul Alinsky.  These people are all cut from the same cloth and I fear will eventually take us down the same road.

Photo from the "Viral History Blog
Romney senior is really saying here,  "One day son, if you play your cards right, this will all by yours."

Video from the Coffee with Ken blogspot

This is a great video of George Romney, Mitts father explain his "flip flop" on support for the war in Vietnam.  The Brainwashing comment lost him the election.  It was actually an innocent comment but the word, "Brainwashing" had allot of heavy duty baggage associated with it back in the 1960's.  For many, if you were susceptible to brainwashing you were considered "weak",  Real men, real soldiers, couldn't be brain washed.  It was the wrong word to use for sure.

But we digress.  This has nothing to do with our current Romney, or does it?

One thing we all can do right away is to make a donation to Florida State Senator Allen West for Congress.  

Commercial Break:  And while you've got your wallet out you could make a donation to this blog also to help us cover our expenses bringing you the latest in commentary from Asia.  Or if you can't make a donation why not go shopping in our store.

Regardless of all our complaining here and now about the course of the GOP primary activities and antics.   We all know what to do in November right? 

The audience for this video was the voters of the 2010 mid term elections.  Those voters did what had to be done and we routed the democrats.  Now the same must be done in 2012.

I have to retract what I said previously about Rush having the final word on this subject.  I just ran across the most comprehensive and complete handling of this issue at The Conservative Tree House  and it's a great read.  A must see.  


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