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Saturday, January 28, 2012

IT World Canada, Supports View The EU Should Prevent a Google/Motorola Merger

IT World Canada Spreads the Word, 

"Google is Evil".

Evil Google copyright Naam Bplah by Troy

Friday, IT World Canada published a story on a so called "Consumer Advocacy Group" that is petitioning the European Union, supposedly, on behalf of "World Consumers" to prevent Google from acquiring Motorola.  We're not privy to who these "consumers" are or how many of them Consumer Watchdog represents.  That fact is not stated in the "IT World Canada" article or at "Consumer Watchdog's" web site. 

It is perfectly legitimate for IT World Canada to publish this story.  I only draw attention to it here on Naam Bplah because they fail to properly identify this so called "consumer advocacy group" for what it really is.   It is a radical leftist organization. The current president, Mr. Jamie Court is an avowed leftist progressive, who wrote "The Progressives Guide to Raising Hell" and who makes Saul Alinski look like a piker.

These people are way, way out on the fringe far left and by failing to properly identify them as such "IT World Canada" misleads its readers into thinking this is some kind of main stream unbiased, apolitical group.   "IT World Canada" gives, "Standing and legitimacy" to "Consumer Watchdog" by failing to tell their readers its agenda and background.   

It might have been more appropriate if "IT World Canada" had raised the issue of how or why a US based group like "Consumer Watchdog" even has legal standing to file a brief with the EU and to explain why the EU would even allow the brief for consideration. "IT World Canada" fails to bring up either of these points.

Every member of the staff of "Consumer Watchdog" supports the US Democrat party, radical factions of the labor unions including the self professed communist SEIU, Obama Supported, union.   Several of the leaders and founders of "Consumer Watchdog" are self professed members of the socialist and communist party. I would provide as an example, the founders Harvey Rosenfield and Chic Wolk. The former is an old Ralph Nader radial hack and the later is a card carrying member of the ACLU.   In addition to "Consumer Watchdog's political agenda they are also just flat wrong and deliberately inaccurate in their charges against Google as documented here in Wired.

These leftist organizations, (Hiding in sheep's clothing as "consumer advocacy groups") are trying to kill the most successful, job creating and economic work horses we have in America. The main stream media in America and Canada aids and abet's them by coyly pretending they don't know what's going on.  

If this was a conservative organization "IT World Canada" and all the other main stream media publications would take great pains to point out it's political affiliation to their readers.   Why don't the same standards apply when they report on the initiatives and actions of their liberal friends? Well we both know why don't we? It's because educating their readers to the ubiquitous and pervasive radical leftist agenda would undermine it.

What can be done?  I urge you to write the author, Ms Jennifer Baker of IT World Canada and call her on her failure to appropriately inform her readers.

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