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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bangkok Post, The Nation, Asia Today and Other Liberal Asian Publishers of Tripe Coordinate All Out Attack on Ying Luck Shinawatra's Administration

The Thai news agencies and liberal Australian Bangkok correspondents like "Asia Today's" Bob Horn are crying foul and reporting that Thaksin is the most "divisive" leader in Thai history.  Here.  The question is most "divisive" to whom?  When you garner more votes in more provinces than any other leader in Thai history how is that divisive?  When your sister overwhelming wins election to Prime Minister by incredibly large margins in an election stacked against her how is that divisive?   

Super Highway to Bangkok.  The View Thaksin soon will see on his way home.

All the Bangkok based writers make sure to stress Thaksin's "fugitive" status and then the international press; pick up the same phrases  and misinformation and biased opinions and incessantly repeat an modulate the story to appeal to their own sycophantic tastes.  They fail to mention the courts that made him a fugitive were allied with the opposition party and that the fraud charges had little to no substance.

The Nation would like to make "a mountain over a mole hill" over this issue in yet another attempt to disparage the Ying Luck administration here just as they have tried to do with their screaming headline, "Govt takes dangerous path". Here Will they never stop? Have they no decency?  Give this administration an opportunity to govern without being besieged and incessantly attacked. Where was their outrage when the Democrats were in power?

There use to be a tradition in Thai Politics for the old prime minister to bow out politely from expressing opinions on the current administrations day to day operations of the government. It's a pity Khun Abhisit won't follow this tradition and keep his mouth shut instead of trying to undermine the current government as he does here.  He lost the election by a wide margin. He should go away and keep his own counsel. How many years did he have to improve the levees and the infrastructure of the country to mitigate the flooding? But his government did NOTHING! And now he has the gall and effrontery to try to tell the current government what to do? How hypocritical is that?

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