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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Nail in the Coffin of CO2 Induced Global Warming

On a recommendation from our friends over at Powerline I'm linking to a new article Here by Doctor Tim Ball which puts another big nail in the coffin of the anthropomorphic climate change argument.  

In this article Dr Ball disproves, resoundingly, the theory that man made or caused CO2 emissions are the culprit behind global warming or climate change.   It's a good read.  I highly recommend it for a full understanding of the issue.

What I intend to do here over the next few months is build a library of the latest scientific evidence which demonstrates that Climate Change at best is a hoax and at worse a diabolical attempt by our political elites to transfer more wealth and power from the developed nations to the developing and to line their pockets with the proceeds of fees and taxes on carbon emissions.  Stay tuned.

Some of the developing nations have actually enough cheek to begin charging for carbon emissions already.  When you book  a flight on Thai Royal Airlines these days your presented with this option.

On the live screen the, Offsetting your carbon emissions "please click" is flashing red.  I can only assume when you go to that screen your offered the option of contributing x amount to off set the carbon emissions caused by  the flight your about to take.  I'd love to see the formula for that calculation and I wonder who's pocket the money goes into?  We will follow up on this one.

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