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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friends of Obama

Folks we don't make these things up.   But eventually when your words are on record they come back to haunt you.   The video tape you are about to see is a tape of a friend of President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama, calling for the killing of white people.  Not just white males but white women, children and babies.   Sound similar to some of the thinking that goes on over in South Africa today?  Well this friend of President Obama wants the same "white ethnic cleansing" in America. 

The man with the microphone calls himself,Khalid Muhammad.  He was born as Harold Moore in 1948.  If your interested you can read all about him here.  Khalid Muhammad was a close confidant and friend of Derrick Bell.  Derrick Bell is the man you can see Obama embracing in the Video below.  

You hear the speaker in the voice over on this video admitting they hid the video from the media before Obama was elected the first time because they knew it would hurt his chances of getting elected.  Why?   Because Derrick Bell and Khalid Muhammad were two peas in a pod and their belief's and philosophy's mirrored one another.  You can read more about Derrick Bell's exploits and his past and current connection to President Obama at PowerLine

I know allot of you in Asia don't get this news or understand why many American's are in fear of losing their country as they've come to know it but this is why.     And this is why we must defeat President Obama in the next election in November 2012.  If Obama isn't defeated America will cease to exist as we know it.

You know why Obama lies so much and has no problem with deceiving the American People?  It is because, as his Muslim faith teaches him, according to the Koran, it's acceptable to lie in furtherance of the goals of Islam.   Obama is a Muslim and has said as much himself.  Only now he lies about it.   Listen to this video below.

Now if all this were not enough and if you need any more convincing watch the CBS News Video on the evidence showing the President Obama's selective service registration and his "long form" birth certificate are forgeries.   This is not old evidence but new evidence from a press briefing March 2012.

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